Supermarket Sin


Supermarket Sin

We exchanged long glances
in cereal, aisle seventeen
she inspected granola bars
it was Lucky Charms for me
she admired my choice
it made me quite ambitious
In my sexiest voice I whispered
they’re magically delicious

unimpressed she went her way
but this chimp never quits
before I chased after her
I picked up AppleBits
she gave a dirty look in produce
did she consider me a felon
I gazed at her so lovingly
As she squeezed her juicy melons

she began to fondle the dry nuts
it made me a little queasy
she smiled at this blushing chimp
does she think that I’m so easy
she picked up a forbidden fruit
and flashed her bad girl smile
nothing beats supermarket sin
unless it’s love in the produce aisle

Last week after my post “Just Dessert” I got into a conversation with my friend Sandra of what Sandra thinks. The following day she posted a short story entitled “dessert first” which was written in a supermarket.  Our crazy conversation led to me offering to write a poem about love in a supermarket.  Here is the link to Sandra’s piece.

dessert first.

Photo borrowed from Google Images.


132 thoughts on “Supermarket Sin

  1. I’m going to send you a link to what the greatest secular love poet, Pablo Neruda, said about poetry. To me, it is the greatest advice on secular poetry ever. I make a distinction between secular and liturgical poetry because no-one will ever write poetry as divine as King David’s Psalms.

    Pablo Neruda (Nobel Laureate) was into free-verse poetry. So am I. Rhyming doggerel is not my thing. Everything becomes far too predictable when you know a word is coming up in two or more lines that will rhyme with the end word in the aforementioned line. Free verse poetry contains its own rhythm and melody within itself.

    These aren’t things you can learn overnight. I spent three years studying under one of the greatest poets in Australia.

    Anyway, here’s the link:

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  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahha
    The chimp showing a replica of his asset in his hand is just so funny.
    Can’t pause laughing…

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  3. Bravo for the double entendre peppered throughout. I read one wearing a pair of proverbial glasses, and then re-read it wearing another pair. Both are equally mouth-watering. (Pun intended.) Oh, and, a picture of the chimp surrounded by bananas? How original.

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  4. This is wonderful! Ans still in keeping with humor on Mondays! (Or maybe that’s not an official “thing” here, but you always seem to make me laugh on Mondays)…

    Well done, sir! I’d say you met this challenge with aplomb!

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  5. Oh my God… this is so funny! I was already smiling at the picture… but I seriously lost it at “they’re magically delicious”…! You’re adorable… thanks for playing. Next time, I’m going to have to write something in the dressing room while shopping for sexy underthings. Oh… there’s a good setting… I can feel the inspiration already… 😛

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  6. I think this type of flirting only works in larger retail grocery stores. I tried to follow your lead while in Whole Foods, but had a difficult time creating clever banter about muesli and tabouleh. 😀
    A fun read.

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