Lonely Author Anniversary (The One)

Lonely Author Anniversary (The One) The One One year ago this Chimp was snared in the WordPress Matrix to write and inspire but one year later his insanity has just begun No I cannot fly My name is not Neo … Continue reading

Lonely Author: My First Pedicure

“You never had a pedicure?” Stunned, my wife and daughter stared at me. Maybe the Chimp needed to get in touch with his feminine side. Coming home from my doctor’s appointment, I journeyed into a beauty salon. To ignore the … Continue reading

Fragments Of Me

When we were young our lives consisted of questions. The questions we needed answered. The hundreds of questions our parents and teachers asked. But a ten year old was never meant to have all the answers. My classmates attended the … Continue reading

Changes to Lonely Author

Lonely Author wants to thank everyone for putting up with his six week Lovefest. Also, sending special thanks to everyone who encouraged me with my Devil Girl Diaries. During the past six weeks I have posted twice a day six … Continue reading

Eternally Yours


Eternally Yours

Tyler remembered driving through the heavy storm. Rain covered his windshield like a thick blanket of dripping wetness. He had no recollection of how he arrived in the hospital. He just knew he had to survive until…she arrived.

Too many strange faces before him. They brought little comfort; only she could provide relief. He ignored the weak signal of the electrocardiogram knowing the inevitable moment was upon him. He faded in and out of life. Then, suddenly she appeared.

he felt a familiar comfort
looking at that best thing
that ever happened to him
he admired her loving face
why was life terribly unfair
one lifetime wasn’t enough
time to be in love with her
staring at the best of his life
he suddenly felt tranquility
as he took his final breath
He saw eternity in her eyes

Photo taken from Google Images