Lonely Author Anniversary (The One)

Lonely Author Anniversary (The One) The One One year ago this Chimp was snared in the WordPress Matrix to write and inspire but one year later his insanity has just begun No I cannot fly My name is not Neo … Continue reading

The Experiment (100 Words)

The Experiment (100 Words) Jackson walked through the lonely streets. Wanting to learn more about his past, he volunteered for the dangerous experiment. Scientists advised him of everything that could go wrong. They never suspected everything would go right. Total … Continue reading

A Better Life (Conclusion)

  A Better Life  (Conclusion) A flash of light as overwhelming as a thunderbolt ignited the room. Dressed in jeans, sneakers, dark blouse with her sleeves rolled up, Josephine crossed through the time portal. Knotting her long black hair behind … Continue reading

Fragments of Me (Heroes & Butterflies)

Heroes. As children we believed they hit home runs or scored game winning touchdowns. Lying in bed wearing Spiderman pajamas, I heard the hard crack of my father’s belt strike my mom. Feeling nothing like a hero , I squeezed … Continue reading