Letters Of Love


Letters Of Love

I retrieved the letters of love you sent

With words of eternity in smeared ink

Deceit accompanied every loving phrase

Promises fading with these yellow sheets

I breathed and lived every word of hope

and every vow you never meant to keep

I will tear up all of your letters of love

The way you shred our trust and vows

Rip up every photograph we have taken

set fire to these once cherished treasures

quietly watch the wind blow the embers away

along with the eternal love you promised me

Image borrowed from Google.





“Time can heal the broken heart, but it can also hurt the waiting heart.”

Darius rested underneath a weeping willow. His disheartening journey has lasted longer than time.

Five thousand years ago, he adored the woman he protected; the Pharaoh’s young bride. It started innocently, exchanging forbidden smiles and glances.

Until, one day Aziza lost her balance and fell into his granite arms.

A week later they feasted on grapes; as they made love on the banks of the Nile beneath the radiant moonlight.

News of their secret romance reached the Pharaoh.

Pharaoh ordered his magician, “Poison my disloyal wife. Reward her with the gift of eternal reincarnation.”

Beaten within moments of death, Darius pleaded with the Pharaoh. “I prefer to die a thousand deaths than to live a day without my beloved Aziza.”

“Let Darius live forever. He can suffer through eternity watching her die ten thousand deaths.”

Through the centuries, Darius walked the Earth alone. He found her soul in women of different colors and lands. He buried her a thousand times.

Since Columbus discovered the New World he has yet to see her.

He may never find her again.

Time can heal the broken heart, but it can also hurt the waiting heart.

Image taken from Google.

I posted “The Pharaoh’s Bride” back in June 2016.

During my absence from blogging, I fleshed out this short story. Working in small blocks of time, I researched the ancient Egyptians and reincarnation.

In my manuscript, Darius, the immortal, attempts to help Angelo (a grumpy war veteran dying of cancer) find his long lost love, while sharing his tale of undying love.

Currently, I am ten chapters deep into the story.

If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name


If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

Memories with no recollection
like a warm beach without sand
how could I gaze into your eyes
and not feel what I breath today

If nostalgia becomes a stranger
who will reminisce over photos I
will miss? Will you remind me of
remembrances that I won’t find

After all that we conquered, our
love deserves a better fate.  Will
you remember for the two of us
if Alzheimer’s erases your name

Please note: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.  Well, nothing that a chocolate layer cake, a glass of wine, & a warm kiss won’t cure (not in that order).  I  recently had a brief conversation with a blogging friend who mentioned her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  I have little fear of death, but I do worry about Alzheimer’s.  I can’t imagine not remembering my daughter or Allie.

For more information on Alzheimer’s please visit this link from my friend Doctor Jonathan Neal Colton at All About Healthy Choices.

Are There Better Treatments For Alzheimer’s Patients

Photo is a selfie of Allie taken 2010.

The Night When Romance Died


The Night When Romance Died

Don’t blame it on the flowers
For they never ceased to bloom
The stars still fill the late night
heavens as they often should

Poets write of love even though
it appears to be going out of style
Women no longer swept off their
feet cause chivalry signed a DNR

I long for the sweet days of yore
before passion slowly passed away
Do you remember where you were
on the night when romance died?

The One Constant

IMG-20160124-WA0014 - Copy

The One  Constant

Tombstones contain
words so easily worn
by weather and time

The tides ebb & flow
may eventually wash
away your words too

But there will always
be that one constant
the things I feel for you

Allie emailed me this photo in 2010.  One of my treasured memories during that difficult period of our long distance romance.

There Are Loves


There Are Loves


There are loves
that will last like
eternal flames
which are never
meant to burn out

There are loves
extinguished by
the slightest wind
cause they were
never meant to last

Then there’s your
love which smolders
inside of my heart
providing me with
warmth and ecstasy

There are loves
that are written
in firm granite.
They will stand
the test of time

There are loves
lacking ebb and
flow similar to
erasable poems
written in sand

Then there’s your
love blooming in
this lovely garden
you created in deep
corners of my soul


Photo of Allie taken by me at Rockefeller Center.