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  1. Devil Girl Diaries — I thought I should share my opinion here, since I had some suggestions. 😀
    The title is inviting and catchy however I was expecting it to be written through her point of view, since it is her diaries. That’s something you can easily fix, by “reading” her pages. This way you can include what “she thought of you” also.
    🙂 makes sense?

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    • Thank you very much for thinking of me. but if you look at my page you will see I don’t participate in awards/ I am very busy trying to market my novels and screenplays, and I barely have enough time to manage my blog. Thank you very much for thnking of me for this award. I really appreciate it. I am sure there is someone worthier than I. Again, sorry and thanks.


  2. It touches me deeply. Thank you. I wanted you to know a few things. I have found a clinical physiologist who thinks he can help me. I will have to drive an hour and a half to go see him but it will be worth it, I hope. As soon as i walked into his little “room” he said “you are so sad, I can see your heart bleeding.” I liked him right away.
    I also went to the local GAD sector here and applied to be a guardian. They seemed to think I will be perfect, considering my childhood. I sure hope it works out. I promised you that I would try and I am trying….but there has been a bit of communication with my oldest daughter and I am flip-flopping between tremendous grief and seething anger.
    Again, thank you for the poem.

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    • This message made my day. My entire month. First talking to a professional about your loss & feelings is a great first step. Sharing your experiences and wisdom as a guardian sounds wonderful. They are right, you will be perfect. Yes, I see you are trying. And I told you with a little attitude adjustment your children will come back to you. I know you feel angry, and you have every reason to. Just don’t convey that to your children. They will all come back (as they should). You know where to find me when you need to talk. I will always be here for you.


  3. I just noticed that you had 2 or 3 comments that went directly into my Spam folder in WordPress. Hopefully, others aren’t affected, as well. You have an amazing blog, and I didn’t want you to think I was being snobby 🙂

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    • Sorry, perhaps you didn’t notice, I have an award free blog. I am so tied up with finding representations for my novels, my blog, and some health issues, so I refrain from participating in them. Hope you understand. Thank you for thinking of me.


  5. Sometimes mirrors do lie. They lie when you are wearing the veil of insecurity. The reflection is cloudy and vague. Not only can you not see the person who is there…you can’t see the person who used to be there.
    In my “vast vocabulary” I can’t come up with a word that describes this poem. If you wrote it for your woman, she is the luckiest woman on the face of the earth.


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