The Stripper (100 Words)

The Stripper  (100 Words) The seductive stripper swayed onto the stage. Her motions were as smooth as her glistening abdomen. Oscillating hips accentuated her beguiling figure. Every graceful movement concealed her pain. Her sensual gyrations confirmed her loneliness. Dancing to … Continue reading

The Experiment (100 Words)

The Experiment (100 Words) Jackson walked through the lonely streets. Wanting to learn more about his past, he volunteered for the dangerous experiment. Scientists advised him of everything that could go wrong. They never suspected everything would go right. Total … Continue reading

Don Luccini’s Daughter (100 Words)

Don Luccini’s Daughter A man in control of his universe, Don Gino Luccini’s accent caressed every syllable, “Why are you here?” Ray Gamba admired Sofia Luccini’s portrait. “To bring this killer to justice.” “Forget justice.” The angry Mafioso smirked. “Bring … Continue reading

The Mirror (100 Words)

The Mirror Henry watched his wife stand before the magic mirror he purchased at the antique shop. The shopkeeper assured him she would love it. Glowing, Samantha admired her youthful reflection minus every wrinkle and twenty pounds. Platinum blond replaced … Continue reading