The Spy Who Loves You

The Spy Who Loves You I sauntered into the royal casino so grand me a tuxedo chimp so suave and debonair prepared for a night of dangerous espionage cause scoundrels were lurking everywhere I studied the environment to make my … Continue reading

Lonely Author: My First Pedicure

“You never had a pedicure?” Stunned, my wife and daughter stared at me. Maybe the Chimp needed to get in touch with his feminine side. Coming home from my doctor’s appointment, I journeyed into a beauty salon. To ignore the … Continue reading

Lonely Author Tells All in his new tell all book entitled “Tell All.”

Yes, staying with the “Love theme” Lonely Author has decided to pen a “Tell-All.”  Never a smoocher & teller, the time has come to spill the beans in hopes of earning some bread. As you can see, Mother Lonely Author … Continue reading