we are one

Sexy lovers in bedroom

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (yes you guessed it) – LOVE.

we are one


Please don’t ask me what are we
For the tugging of your heart is my gravity
You are gentle wind chimes ringing in my soul
as our broken pieces join to make us whole

You are the raging percussion inside my chest
I am the ebb and flow of your warm breast
We are the scorching heat of a solar flare
a refreshing breeze running through your hair

We are twin flames burning in sweet harmony
illuminating together cause we fit so perfectly
We are summer just before autumn has begun
My love we are and always will be one.


“In a world of temporary things, you are a perpetual feeling.” – Sanober Khan

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Another post was scheduled for today, however, this poem was created moments after a romantic Saturday evening, thus the last minute change. (Imagine dozens of little red hearts and one bottle of wine here).




There is a street beyond hopes and dreams
where our passions will be the only theme
A beaten path that leads to your beating heart
paradise where love has no end once it starts

There is a glorious country with peaks no valley
Where currency will be the kisses we shall tally
We will reside in this utopia through the years
Write poetry as I explore your deepest frontiers

There is a universe beyond heaven and Earth
A dreamlike dimension of our glorious rebirth
A land where your love is the key to open doors
Shangri-La when my heart is synchronized with yours



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Life Is Too Short To Carry Hate In Your Heart


Life Is Too Short


I have spent too much of my day discussing hate/hate mail with several bloggers.  And not only on my blog. In my email and on other blogs. What is wrong with people.  This past week there has been hatred hurled regarding my close friends, my wife, and me.  My friends have been bombarded with hate mail,

Other bloggers have confessed to me in privacy that they have experienced the same.  What the hell is wrong with people?  My first journey through WordPress was a completely different experience.

HATER GO BACK TO FACEBOOK WHERE YOU BELONG. Me, my friends, and family, we are all about Love.

Now a few thoughts on my favorite subject – love.


I love my family and every loving memory of my mother.

I LOVE AND RESPECT All  WOMEN because it is the way I choose to honor my long departed mother.  (I play, flirt, and clown around, BUT I RESPECT ALL WOMEN). And the flirting is gong to STOP. Well, depend on the lady.

I love the Idiots who seriously think I am trying to get into all of the ladies skirts.  Because if you really knew me, you would know there is nothing further from the truth.  (And while my penis is truly amazing, it can’t reach my female bloggers).

I love pizza, lasagna, popcorn, and my New York Yankees.

I love the followers who stopped following me when I post photos of my wife or my dearest blogging friend.

I love and miss the friends I lost. I wish them all well.

I even love the people who hate me.  Cause I understand your heart is filled with ignorance, jealousy, and pettiness.

I love that we are different because that makes you interesting. Makes me want to learn all about you and your world.

I love to see women in lingerie, stockings, & pantyhose. (It will always be my kryptonite). I love to paint toe nails.

I love music. Wouldn’t be able to blog or write without it.

I love poetry.

I love love (but you already know that).

I love life.

I pray for my dear friend Diane and my daughter’s mother.

I love and miss Leslie’s writing.

I love everything written by Nandita and Tosha. (Two amazing talented ladies). I have requested to read their grocery lists, but they just laugh at me.


To all my loyal followers

I love our conversations

I love your posts (sorry there is no heart button).

I love the way you accept my silly comments

I love you


If you want to hate me, knock yourself out.  Please, don’t hurl hate at anyone who follows or comments or jokes with me. They don’t deserve it.  I will gladly take all your hateful words and racial slurs, and smile.

(There is no room in my heart for hate. (No, I am not going anywhere. Just wanted to express my thoughts, feelings, and appreciation, and send the haters on their merry miserable way).





couple in rain

Hola People. No, I don’t post on Friday, but I had to make an exception today. I was challenged and inspired to do my first collaboration. So, here I am bursting at the seams. (Probably need to get out of that beach chair).

Lonely Author’s first collaboration with Nandita of A Tangle Of Weeds.

of https://nanditayata.wordpress.com/




She undresses me with her words
baring my naked soul for all to read
Her poetry brought us closer together
as the love in her voice tore me apart


He clothes me with his words so pure
As I bare myself to him when we’re alone
His words of love pulls me to him
To where he is, my soul has already flown
She used my flesh as her canvas
painting words of love all over me
every sweet stroke so enticing
she left me trembling at her feet
He planted his poetry in my heart
feeling my skin like a sightless man
He read me like he was reading Braille
He left me sighing in his eyes again
She unfolded my origami heart
with whispers from her soul
now there is no escaping the reality
lost in her words I found love
He unraveled my many layers
with the gentlest touch
made me fall in love so tenderly
Now in his abyss, I’m so lost.


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Behind Every Smile (Stop Child Abuse)


Behind Every Smile


There’s an untold story

behind every smile.

Such is life when you reside

in an abusement park.

He experienced a world of horror

where banners are always

black and blue.

A world of stolen laughter

where happy days were

far and few.

A never ending ride

where childhood was lost

like a treasured toy

never to be found.

Everything is lost riding

this sadistic merry go round.

He was a victim,

bullied and beaten,

until only one thing remained

inside his fragile fractured shell.



Child abuse. Silence is never the answer.

Image: Self

National Child Abuse Hotlines

U.S. and Canada…….1 (800) 4-A-Child or 1 (800) 422-4453
Great Britain…….Call 999 if the child is at immediate risk, or call the police on 101 if you think a crime has been committed.

ChildLine (for children and young people)
Telephone: 0800 1111 (free)
India ,,,,,,,,,,National Commission for Protection of Child Rights,
5th Floor, Chanderlok Building, 36, Janpath,
New Delhi – 110 001
(E-Mail: complaints.ncpcr@gmail.com)

A call can be made to Child line a 24 hours free telephone helpline service at the number 1098.

Helpline- +355 4 2308 20

Antigua & Barbuda
Friends Hotline Antigua and Barbuda – 800 4357

102 Childhelpline – 102

Child Protection Hotline – +3741240150 or 240160

Stichting Arubaanse Kinder- en Jeugdtelefoon Aruba/Fundacion Telefon pa Hubentud– 131

Kids Help Line +61 7 1800 55 1800

Telefonhilfe fur Kinder und Jugendliche – 147

ETIMAD Sumgayit – 23131

Smorgon Information Centre on children rights education/SICCRE – +375 1592 33 129

National helpline for domestic violence victims – 8-801-100-8-801

Kinder- en Jongerentelefoon Vlaanderen VZW – 0800 15 111
ChildFocus – 110
Ecoute Enfants – 103

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Udruzenje roditelja tesko bolesne djece u BiH CLL line – 00387 65 341 298
Childline Botswana- 0800 3900 900

TECA – +55 21 2589 5656

123Alô! – +55 21 2197-1500

Helpline Kebajikan – 141 or+673 238 0664;+673 238 0667;+673 238 0668

National Hotline for Children – +359 2 981 93 00

Kids Help Phone +1 800 668 6868

Fono Infancia – 800 200 818

Telefono Amigo – 106

Costa Rica
LÃnea Cuenta Conmigo– +506 800 2244-911

Hrabri telefon (Brave Phone)– 0800 0800


Hotline for missing children – 116 000

Czech Republic
The Safety Line – 800 155 555
Hotline for missing children – 116 000

BørneTelefonen (Children phone) – 35 55 55 55

Dominican Republic
Linea Telefonica para Auxilio – 538-6151

Hotline for Children – 16000


Patient groups – 126

AIDS helpline – 645 5555

NGO Lifeline – CONFIDENCE WHEN LIFE TÜDINUILE – 655 8088 or 1707

“Psychology Crisis intervention” NGO Lifeline (Prof. Psychologists) – 631 4300

YOUNG LINE CHAT – 646 1111

Tallinn Family Centre -6556 088

Child and Youth Phone – 0800 120400

Allo Enfance Maltraitee – 119


199 Helpline – 199

Kinder- und Jugendtelefon Nummer ggen Kummer e.V. – 0800 111 0333

Hamogelo – 1056

Hong Kong
Against Child Abuse Hotline – +852-27551122

Kek Vonal – 06 80 505 000

RedCross– 1717

Childline India Foundation 1098

TESA – 129

The Helping voice – +98-21-850 1414 or +98-21-850 1415

Child Line – 1800 666 666

L.O./Combat violence against women – 09952 8927

SOS il Telefono Azzurro19696

Friends Hotline – +1-888-991-4505 or 977 5754
Childline Support Center Japan (NPO) – 0120-99-7777

110 for Families and Children – 110

Child Helpline – 150

Chidline- 116

Korea, South
Hot Line 1391 / Rescue Line for Children – 1577 or 1391

Youth Hotline – 1388

Child Helpline – 800 9000 or 116111

Childline8 800 11111

12345 Kanner- Jugendtelefon – 12345

SOS Helpline for Children and Youth – +389 2246 6588

Supportline – 179

Acercatel – 01800 110 10 10

Friends 1979 – 1979

Lifeline/Childline Namibia – 926461226894

Child Workers in Nepal – 427 1000

Landelijk Overleg Kindertelefoon – 0800 0432

New Zealand
The Kids Help Foundation Trust 0800 942 8787
Youthline Charitable Trust 0800 376 633
Kidsline – 0800 543 754

Human Development Initiatives – 0806 353 1872

Røde Kors telefonen for barn og ungdom (Red Cross Helpline) – 0800 33 321

Madadgaar Children and Women Help Line – 111 911 922

Tu Linea – 147

Sawa Child Protection Helpline – 121

FONO Ayuda – 559 200 or 147

Fundación ANAR – +51 0800 22210

Bantay Bata 163 – 163

Helpline.org.pl – 800 100 100

SOS Criança– 27 793 16 17 / 800 20 26 51

Toll Free Line – 0800 8 200 200
Telefonul Copilului – 116 111

Hotline for Children, Teenagers and Parents (Magadan) – +7 41322 20878
Moscow Childline – +7 095 735 8484
Teenage social-psychological support (Tomsk) – +7 83822 244442

Centre GINDDI – 800 88 88

NAcionalna DEcija Linija- NADEL Srbija – 0800123456

Tinkle Friend – 1800 2744 788

Linka detskej istoty: 1116 111, www.ldi.sk (child helpline)
Hľadané deti: 116 000 (missing and sexually abused children)

Tom National Telephone Network – 080 1234

South Africa
Childline SouthAfrica – 08000 55555

Fundación ANAR – 900 20 20 10

BRIS – 0200 230 230

147 Telephonhilfe fur Kinder und Jugendliche – 147

113 woman and children protection helpline– 113

Saidek – 1387

Trinidad & Tobago
Childline – 800 4321 ot 131

ALO – 183

The Odessa Samaritans Peer Line – 482 221 744

0800 111 222

United Kingdom
There-4-Me Childline UK – 0800 1111
Muslim Youth Helpline – 0808 808 2008
Childline Scotland – 0800 44 1111
English – 0808 800 5000
Welsh – 0808 100 2524
Bengali – 0800 096 7714
Gujurati – 0800 096 7715
Hindi – 0800 096 7716
Punjabi – 0800 096 7717
Urdu – 0800 096 7718
Breathing Space – 0800 838587
Connexions – 080 800 13 2 19
Brimingham Space – 0800 072 5070
Samaritans – 08457 90 90 90
Runaway Helpline – 0808 800 70 70
Careline – 0181 514 1177
Youth 2 Youth – 020 8896 3675
Girls Space – 0800 072 5070
Get Connected – 0800 808 4994
Support Line – 020 8554 9004
Muslim Youth Helpline – 0808 808 2008

United States of America
National Runaway Switchboard– 1-800-621-4000
Childhelp USA – 1800 422 4453
Covenant House – 1800 999 9999

Linea Azul Servicio Telefónico – 800 50 50

Childline – 1800 1567

YMHA – 236622

Childline – 961

Before I Die

New Believer Salvation(1)Before I Die


Before I die

I will write a song

so you can hear how love should sing.

Take a selfie in clown face

to remind you laughter heals everything.

Give you all of the possessions I ever lost

because appreciation is the key.

On my final day

in hopes that you remember me forever

I will plant a tree.



This poem was inspired by a Martin Luther quote. Although not found in his collected works, variations of this quote are attributed to him.

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”       – Martin Luther

Photo taken from Google Images.


Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams


Misplaced Laughter and Broken Dreams


After a night of fighting demons

she awakens to a lonesome world of

misplaced laughter and broken dreams.


A melancholy stranger who has forgotten

how to live occupies her fractured mirror,

an unwanted spirit in a reoccurring theme.


She inhales oxygen and exhales pain as she

lives her lonely life with a nostalgic longing

to rediscover the happy girl she used to be.



Image credit: The photo was a contribution by my dear friend Nandita Manan Yata. She is a masterful writer, poetess, and philosopher. She has a PhD in Japanese studies and is proficient in six languages. I can go on and on about her wonderful talents, but I will just add this; Nandita is the best friend a person could ever have.

Formerly posting at the blog named Manan Unleashed, she now blogs on a delightful page called A Tangle Of Weeds. Should you want to read Nandita’s poetry you can find her here:


(Yes, I have unsuccessfully tried to untangle her weeds).