Letters Of Love


Letters Of Love

I retrieved the letters of love you sent

With words of eternity in smeared ink

Deceit accompanied every loving phrase

Promises fading with these yellow sheets

I breathed and lived every word of hope

and every vow you never meant to keep

I will tear up all of your letters of love

The way you shred our trust and vows

Rip up every photograph we have taken

set fire to these once cherished treasures

quietly watch the wind blow the embers away

along with the eternal love you promised me

Image borrowed from Google.


166 thoughts on “Letters Of Love

      1. Welcome my friend as always great post really deep and so meaningful you may have been away but your writing has grown in leaps and bounds as you probably know all great writers need events that change their lives to write such incredible words in such, as you did this post …God Bless β­οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ™

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          1. It as l said takes wisdom and writing is no different the heart has to grow as the feelings within grow and yours is and l said before one day you will be a great writer and what you write now will feel less but never cringe at the past as without past there could not now be a future……Use it as you have to grow and then become a ⭐️ in the firmament as a wordsmith of love in the ❀️

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