The Stripper (100 Words)


The Stripper ย (100 Words)

The seductive stripper swayed onto the stage.

Her motions were as smooth as her glistening abdomen. Oscillating hips accentuated her beguiling figure.

Every graceful movement concealed her pain. Her sensual gyrations confirmed her loneliness.

Dancing to forget, she was poetry in motion.

She offered her nakedness to their lustful eyes.

Her sad eyes mirrored her dark and barren life.

Loud music reverberated in her heart like thunderbolts echoing in a cave. The songs failed to silence the cries inside her head.

The stripper communicated her passions through dance.

Unveiling her body to so many.

She revealed her soul to none.



94 thoughts on “The Stripper (100 Words)

  1. Oh, so true. “I don’t care who sees me naked, I do care who sees me crying…” – that’s a quote that I love. A body is a body, we all have the same parts. But your soul is unique, so to bare it is an enormous risk. Love this so much, Drew.

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  2. Wow! Amazing write! Very similar in ways but different environments. I often change personalities when a techno song plays. But behind my bold and assertive moves, behind this personality that emerges, is sadness which few know about. Well, except ya’ll now.

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  3. Reminds me of Tina Turner’s song: Private Dancer.
    Love the last two lines of your poem! …they say so much in so few words, and really bring the rest of the poem into clear focus, very good progression throughout your poem.

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