Life In An Hour Glass


Life In An Hour Glass


Sometimes I feel as if
I live in an hour glass,
buried beneath a ton of
relentless sand.
We run, work, stay busy
Make grand plans for
the tomorrows that
arrive much too soon.
Whenever life overwhelms
I pause to think about you


132 thoughts on “Life In An Hour Glass

  1. Nice poem
    One of the tragedies of life is the grand plans we have but are unable to actualise because of one or two things.
    All the same, even if you feel as if you live under tons of sand, always keep your head up.

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  2. wonderful dear dew.u r right.really,someone have a honest friend whenever we r tired from d madding crowd ,then we stop for sometime n then remember our close one.his/her rememberance give us perfet dear dew !! life is for continuos walking not for stoping because who have seen tomorrows.happy weekend n enjoy every moments with ur beloved Allie n katherine.o my God,i have forgotten urs daughter’s her name kathrine?plz reply.

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  4. This is awesome! You captured exactly how I feel – drowning trying to catch up with time. But thinking about my family does make time pause – just for a second only though to catch my breath. And then it’s back to catching up again

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