The Selfie Queen


The Selfie Queen

The Selfie Queen
Never met a mirror
She didn’t love
Until one day
She was trapped
In a house of mirrors
That only reflected
The ugliness inside.


145 thoughts on “The Selfie Queen

  1. Wonderful post!! Just a few days ago, someone said to me how selfies are singling out people. Earlier it was a time where people would gather together to post for a group picture but today we are content in clicking ourselves alone! Something to reflect upon…

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  2. xo xo selfie queen , why does she not understand real beuty who live in heart.hey dear dew !! u have done right dt u show d uglieness hidden beyond physical beauty.l have seen such proudy persons who have not known about value of human’s inner beauty.beautyness of human body have to vanish for one day but inner beauty is forever.Is my opinion about of selfie queen right?u have discribed of real mirror of life.wonderful poem.

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  3. Those kind of mirrors aren’t made with glass. I think most of us, if we reflect on how a person treats others, are capable of detecting what he or she is really like inside.

    Another thought-provoking poem!


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