Sightless Isabelle


Sightless Isabelle

Isabelle heard cries
of terrorism & wars.
It so frightened this
little girl. She felt the
hate & envy circulate
like an awful venom
through this world.

Sightless Isabelle lives
a happy life where love
& hope will always rise.
The child feels blessed
she never witnessed
hatred with her eyes

My wife Allie found this in Google Images.


148 thoughts on “Sightless Isabelle

  1. Beautiful poem Andrew, very Touching.
    Don’t know if blindness is blessing or curse in today’s world but do know of Gandhi’s three Monkeys : Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil.
    Take care and a very Joyful weekend to you. πŸ™‚


  2. Powerful words, coupled with a powerful picture. Significance in every sentence. Yet I wonder…

    Could mainitaining happy thoughts be as simple as putting blinders on?

    The pain in the world today seems so palpable to me that I would need blinders for my flesh and feelings as well, which might also blunt that happiness…

    Excellent, thought-provoking poem, Andrew!


  3. That’s a touching poem. Poor little Isabelle.

    I’m not sure, but I think it might be a Margaret Keane painting. Tim Burton made an interesting movie about her story a year or two ago. Her husband was a real scum bucket!

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  4. dear dew !! why do u so think about Isabelle.flowres give always fragrance to sightness n sightless.dis fragrace of love’s flowers will only treatment of desease of terrorism.let be as blossumed flower ur isabelle.God always gives supporting to all lovers of his universe.i think dt satin has powerful bt rooless .so it is no more in last,d truth remove d venum of hatertd,plz,let come Isabelle in pink frock in dis world because d world wants her to come.dew,plz,give her pink dress is no for coulor is symbol of universal love.

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  5. Inspired piece my friend, the concept of a blind child being able to sense the evil, greed, selfishness etc is a brilliant stroke. And that sense of hope, is something I think even the most cynical hold on to, because if we didnt the world would descend into a deeper madness.
    Great writing ☺

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  6. I think it is cool that your Allie chose a famous painting featured and exposed in a recent film. The husband pretended he had been the artist of many paintings!
    When I was a girl I had a couple of these prints in my room. One was just as precious and sad as the next. . . The title was either Sad Eyes or Big Eyes and Amy Adams played the wife.
    Your making her sightless was really brilliant, allowing her to sense all the emotions you wrote. Wonderful, Drew. πŸ™‚


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  8. Your poem shows that being blinded from greed, hatred, sufferings, etc, caused by man is not a terrible thing for a child. I didn’t read your potent poem in the literal sense. If a child has a loving home with people who care for them, the cruelty of the outside world doesn’t touch them. A strong family unit can build those barriers that would keep the child safe and loved. Beautiful piece.


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  10. Hey, this pic is from the movie, “Big Eyes” or was it “Blue Eyes?” Don’t remember now. I watched it on a long flight journey. Not that I have time to watch movies! Haha!


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