Lonely Author Sees No Evil


The Chimp is not seeing much of anything else either (unfortunately, that includes Allie’s new lingerie.  Ugh).  For that reason I have been slow answering my posts and keeping up with my blog reading.

I had an accident on Sunday night that aggravated my blurred vision. It appears there will be another surgery on my right eye in the horizon.

During the next few weeks my reading will be limited.  My wife and doctors know I would get separation anxiety if I didn’t read your posts.

Thank you for your patience.

Keep smiling.

Keep writing.

Be well.







252 thoughts on “Lonely Author Sees No Evil

  1. The thought of blindness, is a concern for me and my wife too!
    Braille reading, computer voice audio-reading is a challenge to imagine as a helpful necessity.
    Bless your efforts to heal and I look forward to reading more of your writings!

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  2. You are too young to have these challenges, Drew. I was so sad to read this, dear friend. If muserylives company~ I have had narrow eye glaucoma, both eyes laser surgery to create a new irrigation well to straighten them out. Now, I have a catarsurgery scheduled in October! Hopefully, as in my case, I truly trust my opthalmologist surgeon. 🙂 Saying a prayer for you, Drew. ❤

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    • Thank you. I have had problems with my right eyes for many years. Doctors think all the trauma has lead to additional problems. LIfe is what happens when you’re making other plans. Still feel blessed. Surgery will correct it. Thank you. And best of lucky with your surgery.

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  3. Thoughts and prayers coming from Virginia! My mom has had a few vision scares recently (floaters, some flashing, etc.) but nothing super serious. We’re thinking of you in this difficult time. Prayers that the surgery is successful and your vision gets back to normal!

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  4. I hope your surgery goes fine. Separation anxiety drives us crazy but whats going on in life is also important and can’t just let it slide… Please take care and rest well, you will be back in no time. 🙂
    Hoping for your early recovery. See you 🙂

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