Remembering To Forget You


Remembering To Forget You

Last month my nostalgic
heart made me recall the
happiness I thought would
never end.

Last week I trembled at the
bittersweet recollection of
your fingertips stroking my
bare chest.

Last night I sighed when the
unused pillow in my lonely
bed reminded me of your
intoxicating scent.

Last chance to recover from
this painful loss. Tomorrow
I’ll try my best to remember
to forget you

Yesterday, while reviewing my earlier posts, I found inspiration in one of the few poems that I truly love.Β Never Meant For You

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction. Β Thankfully, Allie is still by my side.

Photo taken from Pinterest.


147 thoughts on “Remembering To Forget You

  1. You have beautifully written and expressed the emotions of this relationship loss….in a way that touched me and i could relate to so well… the remembering to forget aspect. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear it is fiction! Hahaha!

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  2. Obviously some very passionate poetry can come out of real-life inspiration, but sometimes distance, objectivity & fiction can really distill some feelings that we wouldn’t otherwise reach.

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  3. This poem came to my note at a perfect time…. Just some 49 hours ago my love my Dream my Muse left me and hey I was wandering what I could feel now, do now and these words are as if my inner feelings at this very moment. Some words, some actions, some incident in life really makes us too strong. Thank you

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      • It is not easy neither it is fun but I think such incident in life take place so that we learn something and grow more stronger.
        Nothing is lost much till we accept the false idea of having lost everything and make ourselves weaker by thinking negatively due to these incident in life… I just am thankful to her that she showed me what love is and I thus realize love is such a beautiful thing that it can never make us sad.
        Your words are really beautiful, thank you for sharing and thank you for taking time to care. πŸ’š


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