The Night When Romance Died


The Night When Romance Died

Don’t blame it on the flowers
For they never ceased to bloom
The stars still fill the late night
heavens as they often should

Poets write of love even though
it appears to be going out of style
Women no longer swept off their
feet cause chivalry signed a DNR

I long for the sweet days of yore
before passion slowly passed away
Do you remember where you were
on the night when romance died?


184 thoughts on “The Night When Romance Died

  1. I love how you wrote this but do feel romance is still alive and “kicking,” Andrew! ❀ Your writing and many here are lovely romantic writers! D. Wallace Peach definitely weaves fantasy and romance into her other worldly books! πŸ™‚

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  2. Great poem.
    And a deep question to leave us with. Romance and relationships are and have changed in recent times, shifting with the sands, but I agree that the romanticism as written of from century or centuries ago cannot be topped by acts today, although the aim is ultimately the same.

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