I Am Fearless


I Am Fearless

I am fearless
the evil monsters
beneath my bed
were slain long ago
thugs in dark alleys
can’t terrorize me
conquered them before
it doesn’t matter
when death decides
to call my name
I am fearless
every time you hold me
I tremble

Photo taken from nbcphiladelphia.com


142 thoughts on “I Am Fearless

  1. I LOVE being scared in that way. ❤️ Love the last line. I’ve missed your posts so much. Been away from WP lately. Reading your poems makes me realixe how much I’ve missed this place. You always write with emotions I can feel. ❤️ Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

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  2. I also no longer fear any of those things but tremble when my wife is near. Our life has really been changed by her black belt in karate.

    (I’m joking of course. As ever, I admire how well you write this kind of love poetry. You’re very good at it.) 🙂

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