Thoughts I Shared With My Wife


Last night (5/30) was our 7th wedding anniversary.  For the first time, Allie and I celebrated our special day.  Not sure if I should blame the mojitos, my beautiful bride, the magic of the evening, or my desire to make a baby, but I ain’t writing tonight.


Thoughts I Shared With My Wife

I made my share
of mistakes in life
proposing to you
will always be the
one thing I got right

You will always be
My guiding light
The reason that I smile
that I strive
that I believe
You will always be
The best of me

yes I have a few
My biggest regret is
I only have one life
to devote to you

Photo of Allie taken tonight (5/30) after dinner and drinks.


238 thoughts on “Thoughts I Shared With My Wife

  1. Drew and Allie sitting in a tree, “K I S S I N G.”
    First comes love, then comes marriage then comes
    Andrew Jr in the baby carriage. Lol
    Hope you have many, many more anniversaries.Happy 7th anniversary you two lovebirds! ❤ ❤

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  2. Ohh, so sweet and beautiful Andrew!! Loved it!!
    May each following anniversary be better than the previous one.
    Love and blessings!
    And keep us posted on the pink line 😉

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  3. I echo all comments. What a beaut of a wife you got–not only her face but also her soul I’m sure. I want to tell you thank you for your faithful visits. You sure encourage me. I would like to hear your thoughts on the contents of the posts and? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. 🙂

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  4. WoW!
    Not for just the sentiment and romance..which by the way is every woman’s dream but also your wife is Gorgeous. Remember I’m an old woman and have had a partner for more than 20 years.

    I call him: (HE Who Will NOT Obey) or HE for short. ~~ dru ~~

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