Love Poems Lost At Sea

Hola people. The struggle is real. I stared at a blank page for three hours while Allie watched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. So, while I was trying to retrieve my romantic mojo she was sighing to McDreamy and McSteamy. Meanwhile McChimpy was McBlanky. Here is a reblog for anyone who may have missed it, while I rant to the Gods of Poetry.

The Lonely Author


Love Poems Lost At Sea

Lovely little love poems
Filled with passion and amor
Do they lose their worth
If the intended fails to adore
With heart and soul
love poems tend to woo
so accept his caring message
his words are meant for you

Many poets go unread
like clouds in a sunny sky
with unrequited metaphors
unloved poets live to die
if love poems wilt away
when a lover denies his plea
this poet prefers to disappear
with my love poems lost at sea

Photo courtesy of my daughter Catherine.

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119 thoughts on “Love Poems Lost At Sea

  1. Please don’t worry so much about the writers block. I know it will get better. I’m afraid the more you try to force something, the harder it will be. Maybe write something else, watch TV with the lovely Allie, try music, reading, a totally different style of writing, do a challenge on WP. But please don’t be so unhappy, it’s breaking my heart!


  2. I hope inspiration strikes soon. Walking away for a while sometimes helps me… distractions. But most of the time, I read or I just start typing anything and every thing in my head and see if anything useful pops up. (Or I discover that I’m crazy in my head…lol)


    • I know sometimes it is best to walk away. I am undergoing some stressful crap right now. And the stress is getting in the way of creativity. (But I already take a weekend break from blogging). When I have writers block with my novels, I start editing chapters, an the mojo comes back. But since I rarely edit my poetry, I have nothing to use to get back in rhythm. I have tried to brweak out of it by reading the poetry of other bloggers, but it isn’t working. Thank you for your supportive words and ideas. I really appreciate.

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  3. Hey dt never.plz give d attention towards u.i donn’t know what is happening with u.plz,give me dt poem than to drawn in sea.i will care them n publish by ur name.hopings n depressing r walked with all lives.plz , donn’t lost them at sea.

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      • Dis is coz of ur lsst week’s problem.u r rich in good n new wordings.u can search ur inspiration from ur sweet memories,darkness of life,ur surrownding,ocian’waves as up n down of life,past,n unknown future and features of beautiful nature who is symbol of universal and imaginative is not only phisical bt too spritual n belonged from human.ur leaf of maple tree(chinaar) ,u know,d symbol of immortal love.having many disturbances of my life ,i m inspired from them.mostly writers have most disturbing lives9.dis type of life become d reason of famous u know abouyHardy d novelist had suffered from depressed life.A famous poet Keat n Shelly was suffring many problems n depressions bt thier written work was famous n is popular still now.i think dt all writers has disturbed lives.m i right?plz reply.writers r never satisfied in thier lives coz germs of unsatisfication r close part of thier mental ,emotionaΔΊ n phisical situation.

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          • Where is ur johny walker.take dt n write.spicy girl,chilling wind,storm in heart’s ocian,breezing wind,alone seashore,a stranger,unloved love,my notebook wants some thing,on name of ur liked blogger;these r some topic.on those u can write.plz if u like,write somethings.u write in best way.i donn’t want dt u desappear on d blog.ur lonelyness says more n more lonelyness is in itself a poem.dear ur ambition,u can search ur chimp n its mojo.u know dt chimps r always free,stuborn ,naughty n carelesa.become dt chimp.they have not any domestic n worldly careless n left all anxiety for others.plz donn’t mind if i said something wrong.

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  4. You’re killin’ me–your intro’s too funny!! I have a suggestion, but it will take a bit of work. If I recall, you usually write free verse–yes/no? Why don’t you choose a form that requires you to graph out syllable/line count and/or rhyme scheme. This will give you a frame to work with, then you write in the first line that comes to mind (trust me on this), and work around it–with whatever changes you need to make at the end. I have used this method from time to time, and with very good results. And if you choose a form that uses a repeating line or 2, you’ve now cut your sweaty inspiration work down by about 1/3 or so πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think (if you’re successful, I’ll bill you for the 2 cents) πŸ™‚

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  5. Grey’s Anatomy! Yes, I used to watch that. I wasn’t attracted to them, McHotties but maybe I’m just in denial. But then again, I love House too. And he’s not a hottie. But he sure is funny! Er, sarcastic.

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  6. Write about writers’ block. Tell us how it feels to struggle. How it feels to visit the caverns of your mind and find them empty. How it feels to see beauty standing in front of you and not being able to find the words to describe it. How it feels to sit at the computer and wish you could “bleed.”

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  7. This is a great poem and I love the line:

    “Many poets go unread
    like clouds in a sunny sky
    with unrequited metaphors”

    Metaphors are also a great way to get creative πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling better today πŸ™‚

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  8. Firstly, lol at mchimpy was mcblanky.
    I hope your writing mojo returns asap. I swear the change of weather here has affected my writing, sunny all of a sudden.

    Secondly, loved the ending to the poem. You nailed that idea of writing needing to be read, otherwise its a rejection in itself beyond a lover not reading it. We need our writing to be read πŸ™‚

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  9. Oh my, that is such an intriguing concept. Are love poems truly love poems if the recipient is not touched or feels the same? Or are love poems defined by the speaker/poet’s feelings regardless of the recipients?

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  10. Such a lovely poem, but you had me cracking up at the beginning! So wonderful you have this beautiful support from your McWonderful Family. πŸ™‚

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