Watch Me Bleed

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The Lonely Author


My love, I know you have been hurt before. My heart would never do that to you. My only desire is to protect you. I will dedicate myself to mending every scar you possess. With my love, understanding, and tenderness I will erase every memory that haunts your soul.

Forget about the lovers that you had. If they truly loved you they would still be here. Let us live in the here and now. Let me show you how it feels to be the only woman in the world. Let me show you how love is supposed to feel.

Do I really love you
Cut yourself
Watch me bleed

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85 thoughts on “Watch Me Bleed

      • I agree totally! I don’t know how people can just love half-way, with reservations or weird selfish agendas…having been all-in (married briefly in my 20’s) and getting burned deep and badly, I never regained my ability to trust, which is paramount to Loving. So I love my ‘ghost’–he may not be able to take out the garbage, but he treats me like a queen 🙂


        • God, I love your comments and thoughts. Yes, trust is important in love and in all relationships. I can even imagine myself as a ghost watching over my wife. I wish you and your ghost all the best. Thanks for visiting.


          • You’re most welcome–I enjoy chatting. You probably remember the old movie, and then the TV series, “The Ghost and Mrs Muir”…I can’t say for certain that that’s how I ended up married to my ghost, but the idea was not only romanticized, but seemed very plausible, from the film’s depiction. And crazy as some may view my confessed “marriage”, it works for me 🙂 From how you write about your wife, I can easily see your ghost continuing to love and guard her.


            • Yes, my ghost would be very protective of her. Allie is too vulernable and trusting. Yes, I never saw the show but I do remember hearing the title. When I think of Ghosts I always thing of the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. I like to think of love and life being romantic like that.


  1. Andrew, I love this post so much! 😊 Great photo by the way! What a coincidence – I injured myself at work today and it required some pressure and a bandage…different kind of bleeding, I know. Familiar with both. Lovely words. Absolutely stunning. 😀 Can’t wait for your regular posting again! Hope everything went well last week! 😀

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  3. wow “Darling
    Cut yourself
    Watch me bleed” wow, a love like that should be celebrated and cherished. I have never known even a pale imitation of such a love but it makes me happy to read that is out there and that there are couples who are that devoted.

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  5. What a beautiful poem you are wonderful with words and this truly is my favorite poem I’ve ever read. Excellence and perfection Blessings to you 🙂

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