Love With A Metaphor


Love With A Metaphor

Take a look at me
I’m a simple simile
Take a look at her
She’s a metaphor
What can I tell you
About my love
She is like no other
No one can compare
What have I done
To deserve this fate
Why do I love a she who
Is too good for little me
Gods of Poetry why
be so unkind to this
simple simile to make
me love a metaphor

Photo taken from Google Images.


159 thoughts on “Love With A Metaphor

  1. Cute and sweet and really making me work too hard to remember the differences between similes and metaphors. School was a long time ago for some of us, remember, lol. So you’re not as good as her because she’s more exacting, right? Isn’t that right????

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  2. Oh, I absolutely love this one, Andrew! What a wonderful way to express this idea!

    Love the idea that she’s a metaphor (“like no other”), and the way the whole poem is a metaphor for the relationship…

    Brilliant! 🙂

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    • You are sending me to the clouds with your comments. Thank you. You are the frist person to point out the poem was a metaphor about the relationship. I so wish this beautiful metaphor could fall in love with the simple simile. Thank you for your kind words. You made my day.

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  3. Heyyyyyyy there, it’s been so long. Good to be back (well, almost back 🙂 ). Great little poem. I can empathize. Believe me. I’ve had my dark days even when I’ve been like, “Oh God, I’m a cancer in his bones.” Then again, my mom always did call me melodramatic. Hahah. I’m sure that she and you make the perfect poetic paragraph.

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  4. hey dear dew !!.how can a Godess can be unkind for u as talented poet n soft hearted guy?if u r a simple simile automaticaly ur metaphore r for u as for all writers.dt metaphore take a shape coz of poet.they can never separate from each other like poet n his imagination n as pen and dairy.they r melted spritualy into each other.then,why r u worried n sitting alone on a rock at d sea ?u know dew dt all writers r gifted bt unknown about thier abilites.they r always thirsty n wander in miraaj.

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