Her Words Are My Aphrodisiac

A woman's hands on a computer keyboard

Her Words Are My Aphrodisiac

Her words are my aphrodisiac
as her tender keystrokes
burn my trembling skin
hypnotized by lovely metaphors
she fills my voids with sin

Her words are my aphrodisiac
let my body be a clean sheet
where she pens a little prose
I will admire every syllable
more than she will ever know


Photo taken from Google Images


132 thoughts on “Her Words Are My Aphrodisiac

  1. Yeah I know what this is like… When someone’s words are your drug. It’s amazing how you could be pulled in and fall in love with one’s words and their way with words. Is that a blessing or a curse, I wonder?
    Having said that, beautiful words you have here, Andrew.

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  2. what can i write on ur dis post?oh no,now i remember dt her(?)words r truely ur Aphrodisiac n think dt she is near u n is writing a prose on ur back clean sheet.u will admire her always or not bt she will ever know,dear dew.whoever she is bt a good image of her supporting nature is with ur soul as dew on flower at d time of dawn.m i right?plz reply.

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  3. Your poetry just confirmed to me perhaps there must be an invisible bond between the creative soul and his/her guru; you know the invisible teacher or guide who seem to stir our soul, ignite our inspiration. I often sensed that mine might be a male figure; with a great sense of humor. You, however, is passionately in love with her! LOL, Mmm, I smell roses here!
    Love it!

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  4. Aha! Now I know why so many bloggers think that they are in love with me, and even ask me to marry them?! Never could figure out why this was happening since I don’t flirt and I don’t write very much romantic poetry, it never did make any sense, your poem explains it all. Thank you, well penned.

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