Broken Dreams


Broken Dreams

Emily packed her broken
dreams into a suitcase she
hid In the back of the closet
as if they were treasured
memorabilia from a show

She knew they would be
safe there from intruders
and any pest who would
want to rekindle memories
of her lost life of the past

Her unfulfilled dreams will
be stored forever and a day
so she’d never be nostalgic
so she could forget them and
perhaps never dream again


I dedicate this to all the mothers out there who packed their dreams away.


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219 thoughts on “Broken Dreams

  1. How do you do it? How do you take my breath away like that? How do you so easily make the tears fall as a smile spreads across my lips? How do you know what I hide so deeply? How did you find the words that I could not? Never mind, I don’t care how, I just care that you did. XOXOXO

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  2. I appreciate how you wrote this, A. It tells a story through quick sketches which let us imagine the details to fit people (mothers) we know.
    Dreams packed up like memorabilia from a treasured show is an exceptional way of describing this. We can see someone we know, grandma, aunt, sister. . . beautiful.

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  3. Oh Andrew, this is so heartfelt and beautiful! It reminded me of the song “loving can hurt/ ..and it’s the only thing I know”.
    May the sacrifices of mothers and fathers light the lonely nights of children.
    Gorgeous! ❀ Dajena

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  4. I can so relate to this one. My mother put aside her dreams of college when she was young because she needed the income to look after her two young children. She never forgot about the idea, though, and she finally had the very great satisfaction of graduating from a university when she was in her sixties.

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  5. hey my wise dew.i m saying dt dis poem is only for mine.plz write my name on dis poem coz dt girl has my teenagers sweet memories n is like me when i was teenager.if u mind or i will not care u read my night’s post”dear moon in arms of her beloved”?plz reply after formalities.

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  6. hey dew!!have u gotten my comment on ur dis post.i m wanting to say dt u should write my name on ur poem “broken dreams”.coz dis poem n dt girl is belonged from my teenage’s sweet memories.if u mind or not bt today i can not care u read my night’s post”dear moon in arms of her beloved”.plz reply after formality.

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  7. This hit me with a punch. Absolutely wonderful and so true. I remember the day many years ago when I did just that – decided on the spot I couldn’t write anymore – too many pressure, young family, work. Mu mind flowing with ideas that I never got a chance to write and fulfil. I packed them all way and decided that was it. Luckily, a few years later things changed, family pressured me to dig out that ‘suitcase of dreams’ and start again.

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    • What a wondeful comment. Yes, so many mothers have to push their dreams aside for family. You are one of the lucky ones. Many mothers never get a chance to chase their dreams again. Thank you for stopping by to read and share your personal story about your dreams. Appreciate that. Best of luck with your dreams.

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  8. Andrew, what a beautiful, beautiful tribute to all mothers. What would we be without them? I am what I am because my mom fought for me, so that I could have the best that she could give me.
    You continue to leave me in awe.

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  9. Sacrifices made….dreams shattered….always being chosen last…waiting for your chance to shine and it never comes….
    Even though reality finally rears its ugly head….if you can salvage just one dream…there may still be hope…for some.

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  10. I’ll bet this is a more common occurrence than many are aware of. Many mothers have made great sacrifices to provide opportunities for those they love; usually, with a smile on their faces. This poem honors them. Well done.

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  11. sad and deep Andrew, nothing worse than a suitcase or shoe box even of dreams, let them out to breathe is what I always try to do, and even as some fly away never more to be seen, so many more take their place. Lovely, K

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  12. Sad that so many take a refund on dreams for a routine they think is more practical.

    I always told my sons that I never sacrificed anything for them, that everything I gave them – my time, opportunities, interest in their interests, surprises, discipline to help them reach their goals (and that means learning to self-direct, not to punish,) values to last all their lives – are things I wanted them to have.

    I long wished for one more day with each of them, to hold them in my lap once more, read one more story, make French toast again, do one more unexpected fun thing. And then I got grandchildren. I don’t sacrifice for them either.

    I hope anyone who reads your poem understands they must not put away their own dreams because that’s a great gift to those who love them.

    Wonderful poem, Andrew. Touches so many important points.

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  13. this is why I am still single. It always came down to a choice between my dreams and whomever I was seeing at the time. I couldn’t put them away. Doing so would have required me to cut my heart out and I’d have bled to death. So I chose life and walked away.

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