Born To Love You


Born To Love You


The wind knows when to blow
birds always sing a proper tune
my life lacked reason because
I wasn’t born until I found you

The sun always rises and falls
rains helps the flowers bloom
I discovered my true purpose
my love I was born to love you

Photo of Allie taken (April 8, 2015) at last years birthday celebration.


98 thoughts on “Born To Love You

  1. So much love!! I feel so happy. You and I are truly overflowing in the basin on WP (of course on different faucets, ;)) Wishing you and Allie lots and lots of love and an eternity of togetherness.

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  2. i have written a post for u both”d cute cuople”.have u accept my dt poem with last i want to say dt u both r come at earth to love eachother n teaching others d lesson of love.

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  3. How many times are you gonna make me fall in love? *Sigh*
    Well, my cat gets a lot of cuddles anyway, after me reading your poems! Ha! πŸ˜‰ Give your wife extra kisses cause….. it’s the weekend! And for no reason at all. πŸ™‚

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