A Better Life (Conclusion)



A Better Life  (Conclusion)

A flash of light as overwhelming as a thunderbolt ignited the room.

Dressed in jeans, sneakers, dark blouse with her sleeves rolled up, Josephine crossed through the time portal.

Knotting her long black hair behind her, she raced down the hallway. The eeriness of parading through a school she hadn’t seen in decades chilled her spine.

Dashing down the corridor, she stopped in her tracks. Using the red hammer, she broke the glass. Not a dangerous weapon as the shooter’s, but a fire extinguisher would have to do.

Two loud bangs in the distance startled her.

The shooter reached the security desk.

Less than ninety seconds before he shoots Jack.

Josephine scooted down the hallway, ducking into the empty classroom.

Several loud pops advised her two teachers just died. The killer would turn the corner in seconds.

She bit her lips in hopes of containing her breath. She swore the killer would hear her maddening heartbeat.

A loud gunshot appeared to explode in her ear.

She leaned forward to see the gunman shoot the fallen principal.

Within seconds Jack would turn the corner.

She darted out of the room. Swinging the extinguisher, she missed his head and struck a shoulder.

Killer spun around. The crazed look in his eyes shook her with fear.

Josephine sprayed foam into the gunman’s face as he fired two quick shots.

The first one struck a door.

The second hit her chest sending her crashing against the wall.

She watched Jack reach the shooter and knock him to the ground, disarming him in the process.

“Josephine, what are you doing here?” Jack ran to her. “Come on.”

Lifted off the ground, she held onto Jack as he carried her into the empty classroom.

He pressed the button on her wristband. They embraced and entered the light, collapsing on the ground in the familiar lab.

“Why did you risk your life like that?” He cried out.

Still dazed she could barely speak.

“Scott, call for an ambulance.”

Jack ripped her blouse open. Buttons flew in every direction. The priceless look of relief on his face when he found the Kevlar vest made her smile.  “Are you okay?”

“I will be when you promise to leave the past alone.” Grabbing her husband by the collar, she lowered him until their lips locked. “I love my time traveling fool.”


Thanks to everyone who followed my time traveling love story. I will be posting something tomorrow asking questions and seeking suggestions. Thank you.


146 thoughts on “A Better Life (Conclusion)

      • Yes, you should expand this to a novel. My one concern was that it moved too fast but now I see why you began with a short story version. You’ve suggested many elements to expand in a longer format, and you’ll have room to write in secondary characters and a more complex, read, dangerous, plot. There’s much here to develop, the concept is engaging, even thrilling, and it will be a terrific novel. Yes, for sure!

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  1. Phew!!! Oh thank god that the woman was smart and saved the day! I am so happy that they are together and alive…. there are too many unhappy endings already in the world, so I love this happy ending! 🙂


  2. The whole series was packed with suspense and action — and the conclusion didn’t disappoint. I like that Josephine went back to save him. Much better than those old fairy tales with only men doing the saving. And leave it to a woman to be smart and wear a bullet-proof vest. That might need to be on the list of essential equipment for time travelers 🙂

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  3. Andrew! This was a great story!! I loved it! So glad it turned out well in the end! 😊 True love! You did an awesome job! You should be very proud of your writing! 😀

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  4. I am happy to have them back where they belong, safe and sound.
    I enjoyed how the woman thought about high school for a moment before she figured out her weapon. Fire extinguisher is an original one, I think!! Nicely told and I see no problems, Andrew! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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