Tonight I’m Loving You



Tonight I’m Loving You

Why should I care who came first
When I dream of being your last
Faceless spirits of dead romance
Those ghosts could never haunt me
There is no promise for tomorrow
So forget the demons of yesterday
 I will make your darkness light
Because tonight I’m loving you 

Photo of Allie on Halloween2014 taken by me.


171 thoughts on “Tonight I’m Loving You

  1. I only have two pictures of me, dressed for Halloween. One was the “motorcycle mama” and the other….was a cat. I made little ears (like Allie is wearing) wore a black leotard, black tights and wore a black wig. Your kittens…..LOL

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    • Smiling. We don’t live in our past. I want to know if someone hurt you to be sure I don’t repeat the mistake or open an old wound. After that, let the past remain in the past. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


  2. beautiful ur allie.but u as u say ;can never is hard to erase d past coz dt is ur inspiration.u r working good to change darkness into light.u can never ur faceless spirits coz those r following u.even though;enjoy ur tonight with ur beloved cute allie.bless u.vaah mustmaula si poem like in dt helloween parties all r dancing n u n allie r shining star as losting in each other..very funny.

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  3. Didn’t realize that Allie knew my family. Glad she was able to make the reunion.

    You masterfully know how to melt the heart with words. Your writing reflects real passion in your relationship. I hope it helps to re-kindle others in need.


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    • Aw, thank you so much for including my poem on the list of reads. I read so many of those posts you list (especially the political ones). Don’t ever take your list for granted. I know I don’t. My blog is award free, but ever time I make your daily list I am giddy. Thank you.


  5. I am really loving your poems!
    They have so much love and passion in them .
    Very glad to read them, your beloved is indeed very lucky to have you!
    I would be more than just happy to hear from you on my blog too!
    – Aishwarya 💚

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