He Lost Her


He Lost Her


He thought he lost her
because he didn’t love enough
With time he realized
he lost her
because he loved too much


Photo of Allie taken by me.


180 thoughts on “He Lost Her

  1. Is there such a thing as loving someone too much? I know what they say about doing or taking everything in moderation, but I don’t think it applies to love.
    Or does it?
    p.s. Beautiful Allie πŸ™‚

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  2. *Sigh*
    This is the third time I have been drifiting off on some god damn pink cloud, in 2 days! πŸ™‚ Two of those times, you were responsible for making me dream dreams of love. One time was because of another blogger. πŸ™‚
    These words are simply beautiful and there is a whole story behind it, I can feel it! Hehehe.
    Well done. xo

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  3. Kind of feels like a no-win situation. Not enough or too much. Do we ever know when we’ve found that sweet spot in between? I’m not so sure… because even when you think you’ve found it, your love may draw that line somewhere else…

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    • Exactly. We never really know. What may be be too much for one person may not be enough for another. Isn’t that funny? But I disagree with you on the no-win situation. I understand why you say that, but I always feel like we win when we are in love. I will keep taking my chances. Thank you for reading. I cherish your support.

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              • I’m a little concerned it will come across as a big fat whiny bitch session. πŸ™‚ But I did already quickly type an entire page. Now I just have to see if I can get anything non-whiny and/or worthwhile out of it. I’m pretty sure no one comes to my blog to read my bitchy whining. Or is that whiny bitching?

                Then again…that “letter” I wrote that time was really bitchy and it was one of my most popular posts ever…. (of course it was pretty hot, too… so there’s that).

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                  • I’m sure I could write something dark… but like you said… no one wants to read my bitching. I leave those in the “writing to get it out of my head” pile. πŸ™‚

                    You know… “letter never sent”… the fuck you- you can’t have me anymore because you threw me away letter. That was a very high ranking post.

                    And somehow I think your pornographic memory is just fine. In you’re anything like me. And I know you are…

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                    • No, I meant dark as in deadly, scary, haunting, vampires, wixked, and all that kind of stuff. Ah, that letter. Funny how posts we don’t expect much do so well. That is like my “The Man Behind The Blog” is my greatest post.) The post has 391 likes & 417 comments). And I wrote it as an “About” page. Weird. As for my pornograpgic memory, Cinderella it is working fabulously after I have saw one of the prettiest set of feet in my life. Still glowing.

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                    • My darkness knows no bounds. That is one thing I do not have already written from my old notebooks and files.

                      My about page is quite popular also… but not YOU-popular. ME-popular… which is much less popular. πŸ˜›

                      I came across a challenge today that I was thinking of doing and it involves feet… might have to post another picture for that… and I’m glad I made you glow. It goes nicely with my lovely gown and horse-drawn carriage.

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                    • Yes, your popular is around 400 you said… mine is under 300 views and only 35 comments… That’s what I mean!

                      It’s just a challenge with photos.. .with different questions each week… and one of them is about feet this week, so of course there would be a photo….

                      Yes, naked under gown. How did you know? Do you have x-ray vision?

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                    • Please ping me when you do it. Or let me know through private channels, so I can be one of the first to see. Thanks. Appreciate it. I hope to have x-ray vision by the time I meet you. If not I will wear my x-ray vision glasses I saved from the box of Cracker Jacks. Seriously, your feet are amazing.

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                    • Pinging you would be my pleasure. Really. It would. Private channels also sounds quite inviting. Your private channels or mine?

                      You could go without x-ray vision, Cracker Jack Boy, because I’m pretty sure you’d prefer the whole unwrapping part anyway. Hm… now you have 2 Jack-related nicknames. Interesting.

                      And my feet thank you. You know I took about 25 pictures of them to get the right shot… so I have lots…

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  4. Well…I wouldn’t mind trying out what it’s like to be loved too much, as that’s completely foreign to my experience. Unless it’s like being suffocated… You really need an HOV lane here so I can zoom to the end of comments πŸ™‚


  5. A couple that experiences harmonious love does so at such depth, that words and actions become perfect byproducts. This experience prevents too much or too little. When people attempt (what I call) “cognitive love” expectations become unclear because they originate in the mind instead of the heart. It is a “forced love” that may be perceived as overwhelming instead of welcomed and shared. The outcome often ends in despair. Sometimes people are more in love with idea of being in love than actually knowing what it feels like to experience love.
    Your poem proves it doesn’t take many words to teach important lessons. Well done, my friend.


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  7. OH Andrew, sometimes the way I see it, when we love someone more than ourselves, we let them choose as they please, even if it means that it will hurt us.
    On another note, the model in the picture, seems to have loving eyes only for you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    • Smiling. Thank you for saying that. I am working on it. I find writing in every form help me with my fiction writing. Screenplays need sharp action and brief description. Poetry is all about the precise word. So each platform helps me to hone the others. Thanks for reading and your kind words.


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