The Things We Do For Love

img_0156The Things We Do For Love

Amelie kept a secret
She never revealed in poems
against her doctor’s orders
love grew inside her womb
Hidden from the world
An illness beyond words
She penned a fatal sacrifice
her masterpiece to the world
nine months her secret grew
until she birthed a little girl
breathtaking beyond her prose
Amelie drew her final breathe

Some surrender their heart
Others relinquish their soul
Amelie chose to give herself
The things we do for love

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174 thoughts on “The Things We Do For Love

  1. Oh how heartbreaking! 😦 But also so beautiful, I guess a part of her will live on through her little girl as she grows. Love is powerful and strong, but so painful. Such a beautiful poem that inspires reflection.

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  2. That’s beautiful but tragic. As soon as I read it, the practical side of me began pleading, “But surely there must be some operation, some medicine, some way to save poor Amelie?” Then my poetic side turned to my practical side and said, “Oh, do shut up! The poem is perfect as it is.”

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  3. Mother’s love in its purest form is sacrificial. I love this poem and though it expresses sacrificial love in an extreme act, I would surely, like to see more women come back to this ideal. It has the power to create a more compassionate world.

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  4. I’ve commented in the past about some poems and feelings of sadness, but for some reason I did not experience this emotion this time. I viewed this birth as a gift of life; a final expression of selfless love. Amelie experienced no pain in leaving this world knowing the best part of her remained behind.
    Great piece of poetry.

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  6. Beautiful form Drew. I actually had a friend who was in a similar situation about 10 years ago. They found out she had cancer while she was pregnant, against the doctors advise to get rid of the baby so that they could start aggressive treatments, she kept her son. Had a beautiful boy and died four months after. It was heartrending, yet beautiful to watch her complete selfless love. You’ve written it so well.

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  7. This was like a sad ballad or requiem, Andrew. I knew a friend who got pregnant at age 40, had teenagers and a husband. She found out in the middle of her pregnancy she had cancer, true story. It was growing like wildfire due to hormones. She was my mentor in teaching although I was ten years older than she. I actually dared to suggest to her to have an abortion, to live her life and her children who were living would have their mother. . . We stayed friends and I visited her when the baby boy was born, brought her presents, stopped by with flowers, sometimes magazines. She never got back out of the bed, she barely sat up after the baby was born. Cancer had ravaged her insides, spread to many organs.
    Last time I visited her the baby boy, Spencer, was a toddler, he had a popsicle and was trying to get her to lick it. Then, I knew it wasn’t long till she would die. I went to the calling hours, but could not go to the funeral. It made me so terribly sad. Your poem was beautiful and instead of Amelie, I will think of Jean. ❀

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    • Oh wow. You have another sad tale for me. You devastate me with these stories. I wrote it because of a story I was told, very similar to yours. A reminder why we should be grateful for everything we have. Thank you so much for contributing your words to this post. And thanks for dropping by to read.

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      • I was serious about sharing this mainly due to the public in the US who wish to take women’s rights to choose. Jean chose to give her life up, but I know her two daughters and one son who were teens . they may have wanted her to try living early in pregnancy and giving up on having Spencer. Now, they live himbut I am not sure there won’t be some resentments as they get married and have landmark events come where they would like to have their Mom. . . Thank you for allowing me space for this sacrifice story. ❀

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        • What a powerful story. Wow, thanks for sharing. It is a controversial subject. Last night my wife told me that she would prefer for me to save the unborn baby. Yet, I cannot see myself without my wife. Thank you so much for sharing this story.


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