Back To You


Back To You

My shoes are worn
cause I have walked
through every maze
in search of love
I am a proud knight
riding lonely carousels
searching for a lady
while fighting windmills
dead ends always greet me
as I move in no direction
I missed you here
nostalgic over there
a journey never ends
when shortcuts don’t exist
I strolled down winding roads
traveled both sides of the fork
without the use of a compass
I found out I was never lost
cause it doesn’t matter what road I take
when every path leads me back to you

Photo from Google Images.


163 thoughts on “Back To You

  1. Oh… this is gorgeous. It feels a bit sad at first but the end is beautiful. Doesn’t matter what path you take… you’ll still get where you’re meant to go. It’s lovely, Andrew. And the title struck me because I wrote a short story with the same title a few years ago. Maybe another one I should revisit. Beautiful words.

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  2. How beautiful! It reminds me of how powerless we can feel sometimes, when it comes to love.. great writing as always, friend! Thank you for making me wake up to this. I feel some sort of hope, when reading this!! πŸ™‚

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    • Please remember there is always hope. That is something we should always cling to. Yeah, there are times we can feels so powerless in love and we find dead ends and never ending carousels. But we can’t give up. Love is always there. Thanks for your kindness. Have a great day S.

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  3. Good.dis is inspiration for depressed people.hey dew from where do u get such beautiful lines n such inspirable imazination;feel dt i have to back u in worn shoes n without any compass.dt poem is giving d relax to my tired soul.tang aa chuke he kashmash-e-zindgi se hum;thukra na de kahin jahaan ko bedili se hum……

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  4. The first phrase that popped into mind was “the search for love.” This is an elegant, gentle, expressive piece that walks us through the trails of love and emotion. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us could genuinely directly look into our spouses or significant other’s eyes and express the feeling “every path leads me back to you.”

    Side Note: There might be a misspelling in the 13th word. You wrote searched. Did you mean search?

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  5. I love the way you write poetry it’s so beautiful. Love definitely has its twists and turns and roads and roadblocks and yet we still need and want everything about it. It’s the one thing that we can both live and die for. Very nicely written.

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  6. You have allowed lesslie meek to cll u by name of drew bt not me when i asked u for andy or drew.why?bt donn’t worry,andrewz deran.i m happy to call u as dew.dew on d flowers at seems fresh n beautiful.even though u r a inspirable person who is suffered in phisicaly disturbances bt donn’t like to cry bt see all to be happy.i admire u most for dis.thanks n welcome forever.


  7. Lonely Author – reading this post at the end of my day was the highlight of my day. πŸ˜€ Thank you for that! So touching. I needed this. I hope you have found your lady, for she is very lucky! πŸ™‚ Is Rachel Bilson your type?! Once again, I am really glad I just so happened to ‘stumble’ upon your blog! Perhaps, it was meant to be! πŸ˜‰ haha!

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  8. This is so great!! I have read it twice already.. Sorry for replying late.. Real life catching up with me.. But, thanks for sharing this. Loved the way the thoughts flowed and images were created inside my head, thinking, imagining, dreaming, hoping, slowly connecting..

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  10. All paths lead to Rome they say. I love the sense of predestined happenings that emanates from your beautiful poem. I am a big believer in free will although the idea of destiny and fate does appeal to me.

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