Another Place & Time


Another Place & Time

She stands by the window
gazing at the stars
that were never meant for her
she has been unloved so long
she doesn’t remember
any other way to live

She has found a taken man
a man who would repair
every barren heartbeat
a man who would seal
eternal voids with love
until she was whole again

She quietly admires him
knowing this loving man
is exactly who she needs
the stars were never meant for her
so she dreams of love
in another place and time


Photo taken from Google Images


192 thoughts on “Another Place & Time

  1. Dear lonly auther !!do u not know more about her.stars have placed a very important value for her.coz she have given different names them on basis of dear,,dearer n dearest all guys who came in her life from childhood to still my dis imagination right ?plz reply.

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  2. Sometimes, the heart fails to know what the head knows. She wants the one that is already taken and the thing with forbidden fruit, is that it tastes sweeter. I hope she finds someone else soon and stop holding out for this one. It will only hurt. Meanwhile that image is hmmm! Stokes imaginations of men πŸ˜‰

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  3. Beautiful but sad to be living in a time separate from the love of her life. Perhaps? It is illusion and the love she longs for already exists in herself waiting to be shared? True love comes from a position power not need. Not the kind of power that seeks control over others but power as in self-sufficiency. See what your poems do to my thoughts?

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  4. Deeply touched by this poem. So many people feel bereft of love – all of us at some point in our lives. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Those who create love and compassion are fortunate indeed. I can see you at the other end of this poem, the one who sees worth in everyone.

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    • I am touched that you feel this way about this poem. I am humbled by your kind words. I try to see good in everyone. Don’t always succeed, but I try. That is a wonderful quote. First time hearing it. Thanks for stopping by, your visits are always special.


  5. Late to the party again! I loved reading everyone’s comments, though. You have to find a way to move on when “the right” one is taken. I read an interesting article about the fallacy of soul mates. I’ll try and find it, it was really interesting. Bottom line: we may have several soul mates, or like Geetha said: twin flames! I love that!

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    • LOL Honestly, there are nights I am bored, and I go back & read my silliness while I chat with everyone. Some of it is better than my posts. I love that whole twinflame thing. I hope you can find that article. Would make for a good post.

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  6. Your poem about longing for the one who is unattainable struck a chord with several readers. It can sometimes turn into a chase which may end badly. I think we have more th Han one chance and sometimes grow apart. What once was seemingly perfect became less so. . . Nice comments and good thought provoking post, A.

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  7. This happens more than most of us care to admit. You’ve tendered a piece that nails this sentiment and resonates with those of us who have been or are there now.

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  8. There is nothing we can do when this happens. Heartbreaking, but the life is merciful and sends another love our way. There is abundance of love, actually. Seriously πŸ˜‰


  9. Dew ! I too like to stars n gives them those name who is beloved for me.lonely night n stars r as my closest friends who r go far away or r not alive.these stars motivate me n say dt i may feel as alone never.they r my my imagination right?plz reply.

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