I Love You


A little poem inspired by Frank Sinatra’s “Somethin’ Stupid.”


I Love You

Long nights always linger
I can never place a finger
on why I’m feeling so blue
my mornings devoid of grin
because they can never begin
until I hear from a certain you
my life’s a terrible blunder
and I can’t help but wonder
if you share my passions too
would I lose your attention
if I whisper words of affection
as silly as I love you
I love you


My minutes need reversing
every time I’m conversing
with a dream come true
without you my life’s tragic
cause you provide the magic
that makes me feel so new
my happiness I measure
by your every word I treasure
you have me stuck like glue
would I spoil this feeling
if I whisper words revealing
as stupid as I love you
I love you


Photo taken from Google Images.


202 thoughts on “I Love You

    • Aw, no you didn’t say that. It is a cute song sung by Ole Blue Eyes & daughter Nancy. Perhaps there are moments where “I love you” is something stupid to say. But on most occasions, there is nothing more beautiful to hear.


  1. A very beautiful poem you have written. There is nothing stupid about saying the words “I Love You”. And love Frank Sinatra. I follow his daughter Nancy on Twitter and she follows me. She is a very nice person.

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  2. Because I’m a woman
    I love your sweet words
    Although is inhuman
    For me to cross swords

    I love to be conquered
    I love to be loved
    But instead of swords
    You can do it with words.

    by a Monica who lived in an ancient time 🙂

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      • My son loves Frank Sinatra. I heard him sing as a child but have never taken the time to delve into his music. As a little girl, I was in love with Perry Como. I love that era, the rat pack, the sophistication so different from now. I love all kinds of music too. I love Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Handels Messiah, Muddy Waters, Janice Joplin, jazz, reggae, cumbia, I don’t know where to stop of course, Johnny Cash…I always have a song running through my head and no matter what someone says, it usually triggers an accompanying tune. After all that blather, your poem captured the smooth sophistication of that era that Frank Sinatra and other singers of that time created. I wish they’d come back!:0)


  3. Love makes us truly do, say and act in the most goofy ways. This didn’t sound as silly as some but the playfulness and the insecurity rang “True.” Very nicely expressed and the mornings until you hear back from someone can be interminable!

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    • Smiling. First, thanks for stopping by to read. There are days I feel mushy and write silly love poems. You were the only person who commented on it, but it is an awful feeling waiting to hear from someone special. I suffer from that all the time. Thanks


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  6. I don’t think you are coming up in my ‘reader,’ What on earth is WP doing? This is nostalgic for me…but I don’t quite know why. How life could have been, if only… x

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