Love and Lust: The Naughtiest Position couple on wall people

Photo from Google Images


He burst into the house
like a man on a mission
his mouth watered for her sex
with the most primal of urge

She was glad his trip ended
a week apart drove her insane
she needed his manhood
to relieve her wet desires

First he yanked off her jeans
pinned her face to the wall
smacked her bare ass
pulled on her silky tresses

She glowed with delight
his violent thrusts left her shaken
he knew she didn’t want love
tonight she needed to be taken


113 thoughts on “Taken

  1. God, you are trying to kill me. I knew it was your evil plot all along. I’m going to be all hot and not-at-all bothered all day… so, umm… Thanks? Yeah.. sure… thanks. 😛 Now if I can stop panting, I’m going to try to continue my day. Dear God.


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