No Valentine’s This Year



No Valentine’s This Year

There won’t be chocolates
for Valentine’s day this year
she taught me how to love
now she asked me to forget

She will be happy without me
her prince was heaven sent 
he can fulfill her every dream
all I had to offer was my love

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159 thoughts on “No Valentine’s This Year

  1. Sad and poignant little poem. My husband and I also can’t be doing with all the commercial garbage around Valentine’s. It’s not in the fancy gifts it’s in the simple every day nuances that show you care and notice… I had fun reading all the comments… Those humourous others quite painfully raw. Crumbs… Your poems are comment inducing magnets… They carry much wisdom… Thanks and enjoy the week end! Happy Valentine’s he he!

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    • Smiling so hard my cheeks are hurting. Thank you for contributing these sweet words to this post. It has become TOO commercialized. I live in NYC and restaurants go crazy overcharging. I have reservations for 7:30 and we probably won’t seated until 9. Roses are 5 times their normal price. In my mind, love should be celebrated 365 days. Don’t tell me you love me. Show me. The gestures mean so much more. Thans for reading my work.

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  2. So sad.. Just like life can be.. Wishing you peace through the difficult moments.. How is your daughter’s mom doing ?
    I have had lots going on and finally am able to catch up reading.. I was so happy you had written so many I had not read.. Totally enjoyed them all😊

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