Devil Girl Diaries – 13 (Taxi Ride)


Photo taken by moi.

Every man has that one unforgettable woman that will haunt him until his final day; the girl that got away. Allie detested television, vanilla ice cream, and missionary. She explored the depths of her sexuality; while I discovered the heights of my pain. My muse had a nickname. I called her Devil Girl. I write these words to ease my sorrows. My name is Andrew.

This is our story.

Dinner and drinks were over
Perhaps I had one too many
Okay three or four too many
Allie led me out the restaurant
In her high heels and tiny skirt
She hailed a cab
I found comfort against a lamppost
The cab screeched to a halt
Allie pushed me inside
Bumped my head as I entered
Once seated the cab sped off
City Lights flashed like a kaleidoscope from hell
I leaned my head back
Relishing the peaceful night with no antics
Her hands caressed my thigh
I loved these rare moments
She tugged at my pants
“baby, you doing what” I asked
She freed willy
I uttered more drunken words
“you no can do that inside cab here”
It was a suggestion
Not a dare
She did it anyway
I watched the back of her pretty head
My mouth opened to speak
cabbie adjusted his rearview mirror
oh, hell the what
my head fell back in ecstasy
I felt heaven
As I raced through hell
I love you Girl Devil

Until next week


132 thoughts on “Devil Girl Diaries – 13 (Taxi Ride)

  1. Oh, I needed this today like you wouldn’t believe. YOU are the best part of my Saturday Mornings. I also read your response to chatykerry. If your wife really wanted you to use her name and picture, I think that I just fell completely in love with her. She is just my kind of girl. So, if things ever start going south for you two, will you please give her my number. 😉

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  2. Another amazing installment my friend. I always enjoy reading the responses of others as well. I said I would never speak of her, but your wife is a lovely lady. There is only one thing that concerns me though. Did it not bother you to post her picture wearing such an erotic outfit? Most men I think would have a hard time with that.

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  3. Would it be fair to assume that Devil Girl’s other enjoyments are unlikely to include astrophysics and the science of celibacy? This steamy adventure has more get up and go than the energizer bunny! Looking forward to next week.

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  4. Naughty devil girl, so bored with herself she needed to get an extra kick by involving watchers or actors in your relationship. As for your wife, perhaps over and above the competition stint there is the hidden desire to live the fantasy as if it were her actually doing it all without the need to make it concrete. Perhaps that is why she insisted you use her pic. Good that both of you respect each others wishes and fantasies as well as your past experiences. Most new partners always attempt to obliterate the past of the person they are with, like they expect them to come out – freshly baked from the oven – into their lives. I’ve even had a partner wanting to go through my facebook account and delete every little picture where I had been with a previous partner regardless of whether he was in the pic or not. Jealousy is an unhealthy thing when there is no need for jealousy because it basically creates what is feared. Enjoy your Sunday!

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    • Great observation. Let me see how best to say this. My wife is molded by her life’s experiences & past loves. We all are. Anyone naive enough to think they can banish a past lover from a person’s heart is wasting time. They’ll never accomplish it. Memories are here to stay. There are wounds from past lovers my wife will always carry with her. She really believes she is ugly. A boyfriend she had for seven years convinced her of that. He physically knocked her head against a wall (many times), screaming horrible things at her. She is convinced she is a person unworthy of love. So, I spend my days trying to heal DEEP wounds. Now I will really shock you with this. (Please note: I am very open minded). I am thankful for the men that came before me. It helps her appreciate the man she currently has. Second, all the physical pleasure she gives me in our bedroom, well, she had to learn it somewhere. Smile. I try to teach her to wear past lovers like invinsible badges, to remind herself she will never accept those things from any man. I want to thank you. This has inspired me to write a post about love and abuse. Thanks for that inspiration my friend. I consider myself a lucky SOB to have met you. Thanks. Happy day.

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