My Choice

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My Choice

Why would I need the heat of the sun
when I have the warmth of your touch
so let your soft fingers caress my soul

Who cares about caviar or fine cuisine
I have you to nourish my aching hunger
just feed me loving from your breast

I don’t need a mansion or grand castle
If I had my choice the decision is simple
I would prefer to die at your doorstep



Photo is a selfie taken by Dominican model Karina Ovalles. Karina & her parents granted me permission to use this photo and others for my creative cause. Lonely Author feels a little awkward calling her my niece, since many of you know my daughter is my only living blood relative. She is my wife’s niece. But Karina and I agree, she is my second daughter and I am proud to be her second father.


85 thoughts on “My Choice

  1. What beautiful words, what eloquent thoughts they express!! I dreamed last night of people loving one another, supporting each other. Then I am greeted with this while drinking my first cup of coffee, and I realized you have set the mood for me today. Thank you!

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  2. When India had become free since 15 th agust 1947 n divided in two part- -Hindustaan n Pakistaan then many uncoutable person r killed both side either they were hindu or muslim public.dt time was very horrible,terrible n bloody days.d train was coming n going between Amaritsar(india) n Lahour(pakistaan) with dead bodies.people in many thuosands of both side had lost thier family members n beloved.dis event is called HOLOCAST in indian history.before three days i have sufferd in similiar situations when my innocent hert had biterly hurted by my all schools staff.mostly in dem were men had seemd to try me humiliated.with haarsh words i scolded dem at dt time;i was thinking dt they r wolf in form of dt time i was alone person for revolting against thier dt i felt my aĺl feelngs was murderd.dt was holocast my peaseful remaining with my lonelyness n soft n lovely feelngs.what was my fault? Being a woman was my fault? Plz reply me .

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