Don’t Put On Your Panty


Don’t Put On Your Panty

Since you hate yourself, my loving will have to do for two. You don’t need that bra; I don’t care what gravity has done. Let me kiss your laugh lines and caress your stretch marks with tenderness. I will adore your new white hair even if there’s plenty more to come. I’m going to throw away the scale. Cause if you gained weight, it means there is more of you to love. Why can’t you accept this fact – I desire you as you are.

Please don’t put on your panty
I want to see you in the nude
There is no finer lingerie
To get me in the mood

Photo borrowed from Google.


124 thoughts on “Don’t Put On Your Panty

  1. Welcome to Meltsville. Population YOU and Lonely Author. This is what every guy should say to that one person who makes their heart leap. Beautiful words, Andrew!


  2. This is both romantic and beautiful. People become insecure (in many cases) as their body changes over time. This restores faith in an inner beauty found in ALL people if we are willing to search for it. It also reinforces an outer beauty in loving a person for who they are.

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  3. Love this, it’s so powerful. A man that truly loves a woman with flaws and all never sees the changes. I am lucky to have a man like that. I hope more women learn to grow old and just embrace the beauty of age and change. This is great. Thank you for writing this~MOOOAH!

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  4. Yikes I am blushing furiously.
    Very intriguing title and write up as well but the best gift any woman can recieve from a man who loved her. The gift to age gracefully.
    I love the comment too … if you want a model you also get a beech six packs body😂

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    • Gina, I understand. I worte it thinking in terms of a woman who has changed as she ages. Many men think she needs to keep her youthful beauty or at least maintain her figure. She may have a few extra pounds, but she is still the same woman that he married. But you agree with me, don’t you?? Thanks for stopping by to read. I appreciate it.


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