Lonely Author: Introducing New Devil Girl Photo


A warm thank you to all my friends and supporters.

Wanted to take a moment to introduce the new cover photo for my Devil Girl Diaries series.

The model is my spouse Allalidy (nicknamed Allie). She insisted that I use her nickname when I first started penning the series. After our overnight conversations, she reiterated the need to use her photo as well. ย In case you are wondering, yes, I have her expressed written consent signed in blood (mine of course) to use this photo.

This photograph was taken by this humble chimp and notย by any disturbed wordpress troll.




119 thoughts on “Lonely Author: Introducing New Devil Girl Photo

  1. Well, she’s much more attractive than the random image you had, so that’s a plus for you! AND that blogger will probably be even more jealous now that he sees you have a hot wife on top of everything. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ha,ha!

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  2. So… She insisted… Hmmm… You have her expressed written consent signed… Hmmm… Ok! Will see! I just called the Internet Police… Hahaha… A lot of crazy people outside and internet, pardon, inside… Don’t be upset! We are with you โค

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  3. Ally is beautiful! No wonder you’ve been using generic google photos before; underneath those layers of kindness we all get to see is a selfish Chimp who doesn’t want to share his best toys! (I am just teasing; please don’t take me seriously… lol!)

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  4. oh my God ! so beautiful n sweet girl is ur wife n devil girl also.u tell a lie.either she is ur wife as ur beloved or a model as a devil.plz,do’nt expose ur wife as she is in dis pic.u know dt i do not like those vulgarity in ur blog.u should respect ur wife if u love her.u know dt lady’s image is like a mirror;plz take care about her respectness.

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