Lonely Author: The Images/Photos I Post

Chimpanzee sticks out its tongue and points to a camera

Yesterday, a fellow frustrated blogger brought to my attention Lonely Author’s failure to credit the creator of the images I post on my website.

First, let me say, I have never claimed to have taken any of the photos or created any of the images I have posted. (Please note: The photos of my wife taken on Halloween and Christmas were shot by me & posted with her encouragement). I will be the first to admit I can’t even take a decent selfie.

That this person has chosen this chimp, to bully and threaten kind of flatters me. He anointed himself Deputy of the Image Police and he flashed his bright shiny badge, and made threats.

That anyone would resort to bullying is unkind. but typical of today’s mindset.

My apologies to anyone I may have offended with an image or photo. That has never been my intention.


Again, no models or animals were harmed while creating this post.

Have a good one.



187 thoughts on “Lonely Author: The Images/Photos I Post

  1. So sorry you have had an unpleasant experience. It is true, today’s mindset. Courage to berate and belittle behind a computer screen. A simple question or reminder of crediting image is all this is needed if this person felt the need. No need to resort to nastiness. The message is always lost that way. Kindness, respect goes a long way. I hope the rest of your weekend is well.


  2. Andrew, I noticed the unpleasant tone of yesterday’s posts. Unfortunate that someone decided to make himself the photo police, especially with such a nasty, incriminatory attitude. But I will encourage you to post images with caution. More than one friend has been sued for innocently using copyrighted material on their blog without permission. I don’t know where you’re getting your photos – they may well be in public domain for any and all use. But the whole area of proprietary rights is complex and fraught with legal ramifications. It isn’t just posting without claiming that the images were taken by you, but that some owners don’t want their images used, even with attribution, unless they’ve given permission, sometimes payment. Just saying, you’re such a charmer – I wouldn’t want to see you mired in expensive legal issues. Maybe in his pit bull way, he gave you fair warning to post with caution. That may even mean taking down images from old posts in order to protect yourself.
    Whatever comes of this, we who admire you and look forward to your posts are still your appreciative audience. *: )

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  3. Some people have nothing better to do than to pick on others. Chances are this blogger is jealous or just not happy. You get a lot of positive attention (especially from the women folk) so it doesn’t surprise me. But come on, faulting you for not crediting photos?!? I take pictures from Google all the time. 😉 You can tell the character of a person by the way they handle criticism. A gracious chimp indeed.

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  4. Fascinating what people find offensive or get their panties in a wad about. We live in a world of find an image for anything. Pinterest, Google, Snapchat, etc. It would actually be incredibly difficult to track down the initial creator of some of the images I have on my blog. I think from an artistic standpoint, there is this “cloud” in social media and online, where many are pleased just to have their images become widely known. I suppose everyone is different. But for the sake of mass media and pop culture, which I am retaining my Master’s in…this is a panty problem that’s just going to keep happening unless people evolve. Chill out, go commando, Geez!

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  5. How the HELL am I supposed to track down the original owners of an image I take from the internet when it has been used over and over again? I have Never claimed someone else’s work as my own, but I am also very rarely able to give credit either. I think some people just want to argue for argument sake. I think I recently had one of those with my most recent post. He wants to take my words and apply his own meaning to them, completely dismissing my explanation. I won’t continue to feed that need to argue or judge. You shouldn’t either. I say fuck him and the judgment camera he rode in on. 😉💋👠

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  6. Perhaps his or her blog is not getting the attention he wants. There is always one in the crowd that picks on something not out of concern but out of angry at the world pettiness. You can get an image URL at a drop of a hat by going to Google image locator and follow the instructions. They are easy. If you have any problems with it let me know. He or she is probably hovering over reading all these comments. How sad to have nothing better to do. Be well my friend

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  8. Interesting… Most of the pics I’ve used, I have taken myself, just to be safe. But I’m so technology-challenged I can barely figure out how to post them, and I certainly haven’t figured out how to add a caption or note to them! I tend to avoid any google images that either have the copyright icon with them, or that give me a warning when I attempt to dowload them. If neither of those two things occur, I assume it’s public domain.

    But I admit to ignorance in this topic area… lol!

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  9. I recently invited someone to join the Senior Salon on another blog and they took my head off saying that I was using their blog to advance my blog, and I had no manners, and no right, etc., etc. Go figure. I was stunned. Sounds like this guy suffers from the same personality disorder – webnariccistic personality disorder. Now listen if you use my newly coined word, I will sue you.

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  10. I’m sorry that happened to you! Here’s the rule of thumb I follow: I try to mostly use photos that are free for reuse without attribution. Pixabay is a great resource. Google images has a menu drop down to filter for free for reuse photos too. If I can’t find one in those collections I make sure to credit the photo source at a minimum! Meanwhile don’t let the bullies get you down! I just hope he doesn’t try to cause trouble! 😦

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  11. Oh brother! If I had a nickel for every chimp photo I used without permission I’d still be broke. Someone needs a good ***** if this winds his clock! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT but you could use a shave. LOL

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  12. People tend to forget that once a picture is put on-line, it is available to everyone. There are programs that can block anyone from taking it, if they so desire. I see nothing wrong here, except maybe a chimp sent to a man’s job! 🙄

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  13. Hey there dear friend, you know am just a tiny little newbie blogger with less than 200 followers, I chose to mention this as I wanted to clearly indicate, am not any experienced blogger to come up with this suggestion but still am impulsed to suggest that you put a disclaimer on your blog or mention the site name or source of the image after every image you post. Again, I do not know much about this blogging thing so correct me if am wrong. Take care, best wishes. 🙂

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  14. WTF. I don’t care who or why or when. I don’t have the time to worry about such things and I suggest that he or she might not scrub their floor with a toothbrush. Damn. Send him or her my way. I have ways of dealing with such miscreants. Life is far too short.

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  15. Like everyone has mentioned, you handled the troll well. But also, what Sharon Bonin-Pratt commented — it’s kind of scary. I have seen a few blog posts and other articles about bloggers being sued for huge amounts of money (to the tune of $8k per photo — I kid you not!) for using a copyrighted photo — and it doesn’t even matter if you gave credit or stated it wasn’t your own! I think it’s ridiculous – a disclaimer or credit, if possible, should be sufficient! As someone said [sorry I don’t remember who… you are soooo popular there are a bazillion comments…;) ], once it’s on the internet, it’s pretty much been given to the world. If someone doesn’t want anyone to see it, like it, use it, maybe (s)he shouldn’t put it out there in the first place!

    That said, I try to get photos I use from pixabay.com or other sites where free license-free photos are available (there are quite a few, some much better than others). If you would like a list of sites, I could compile one. I’m always looking for images… and I’m super paranoid so I hope to hell everything I use is acceptable. 🙂

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  16. Majority of my photos are taken either from pinit or FB and it says share, so presumably you are allowed to share and use anywhere as I am sure this applies to Google too.

    It really is sad when people have nothing better to do than make remarks like this before checking facts or contacting the person privately.

    Don’t let him get under your skin.
    I wonder if he has given credit or even mentioned the person whose pictures he uses !!!

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    • He is a photographer, so I will assume all the photos he uses are his own. Oh. I didn’t let him get under my skin. If you glance at the photo I used for this post, you will see my tongue sticking out response to this troll. But we do need to be careful where we take pics from. Thanks for stopping by to comment. I will check out pinit.


  17. Ah, man, this is such a sticky issue and I am sad to hear you have to deal with it. I could understand the guys problem if you were using his images and making money off of them, but you, like most of us here, use images that fit your writing and there is no profits involved. For my own work, I try to give credit to the creators of any images I use and will link their site, however, there are some that are near impossible to find an author for.

    On a close note, I used to play in a folk band and when we played at certain bars, we had to give the bar owner a set list so it could be forwarded to SOCAN (a royalty sharing entity in Canada for recording artists) and the bar had to pay a royalty for any songs that were copyrighted. In most cases this fee was deducted from the band.

    The real problem with all of this, is that copyright laws are so complex and strict, that this guy who has been complaining, can make a lot of waves. On the upside, if the creator of an image wants to take you or me or any writer to court for using an image without crediting said author, it will not be worth it, financially, unless we are making oodles of dollars from it.

    Long story short, if we credit it, we avoid this kind of crap 🙂

    Hope this guy has left you alone and channels his enthusiasm into more positive endeavours 🙂

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  18. Dispatched? That’s rich. So is frustrated, especially when you consider the title of this blog. That said, the saddest thing about the responses here is the level of rage. Wow! I didn’t know people were so angry. It also shows the lack of understanding about copyright, intellectual property and the use of pictures without proper identification or credit.

    So here’s a little schooling.

    1. Copyright is attached to the work the minute it is created.
    2. For those who think work fall into public domain easily are wrong. The copyright holder keeps his rights until 70 years after his death.
    in the United States.
    3. Copyright infringement is legally enforceable with large sums being paid in damages.
    4. If you choose to publish the work of others without any sort of credit line or prior permission it is theft. I’m pretty sure y’all had mamas. I’m also sure that they talked to you about not taking somebody else’s stuff.
    5. For those of you who claim no photographic technical ability, too bad. Getty Images allows you to publish any of their images on your blog for free with the proper link back. They have about 150,000,000 images to chose from. Or, you could learn to take your own pictures. In this world, original content is everything.
    6. Not understanding the issues doesn’t matter.

    Oh, and Lonely Author, you still haven’t answered my original question. Can I use your work, uncredited and unlinked. Would you mind, terribly?

    On more thing. Your “Devil Woman” picture? The photographer is Natalia Fernandez.

    Me? Bully? Nah. Read your responses.


  19. Uh Oh! In that case I think a lot of us may be in trouble! While the artwork that Lindsey and I post to our blog is our own, some of the images we use with specific posts are not ours. Like you, we do not lay claim to the photos and they are available for personal use on google with no need to seek out copyright information. If you are not claiming the photo, or using it in resale and making a profit from said photo, then you are doing nothing wrong. There is no need for an apology, as there have been no wrong doings. So to this bully I say, if you have an issue with what someone is posting then stop following and take your unwanted business elsewhere. Thank you!
    To lonelyauthorblog, your posts are always exceptional and we enjoy reading! ~Christa G.

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  20. I have also found dollar photo club a great place to get images for just a $1 each. I pay $10 a month and seldom use all the photos you are allowed to use and now am able to download 40 photos of my choice as and when I need. Every month I gain more photos I can add which comes in very useful when I need to make book trailer video clips or book covers etc.
    I also use pinterest and all these photos have the option to share and majority of them are signed by the creator so when using them that person’s name is already there for everyone to see.
    I also never take credit for any photos that aren’t mine.

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  21. Well, I chose to be a black and white curly swirl myself. 😛 This way who cares if I am an S or an A-S-S. At least, we know which one your bully is! Kudos for standing up to his stupid antics. Love all your work- images included.

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