You Left Me Here Today


You Left Me Here Today

Below cloudy skies
you left me here today
Shattered and alone
as you walked away
you moved into the future
as I lost my past
gone are promises
you vowed would forever last
you discovered new arms
love shining so bright
now as you soar
I crash and burn every night
you found your dream lover
and my nightmares came to life
you left me bleeding tears
this cuts deeper than a knife
you belong to another
new pledges to never part
you leave me slowly dying
burying my aching heart


170 thoughts on “You Left Me Here Today

  1. You know what I love? I love scrolling through my reader and finding my post sandwiched between two of yours! It makes me feel all cozy!

    This is a heartbreaker, though. How hard it is to move on when you’ve been tossed aside for someone else. Ugh, been there – fortunately a long time ago.

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  2. This is lovely Andrew but left me in a bit of a shock. I thought you were going to get mushier as Valentine’s day approached? What happened to that pledge? Beautiful write nevertheless. It reeks of despair and lost tomorrows

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  3. I love the passion that comes from all that life throws at us. I love the contrast between past and future, great use of these words mixed in with such heartache. Yet….there’s a sense of putting things to bed, burying the intangible and facing another day. I may be wrong of course.

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      • ‘Burying’ something might be akin to putting it to bed or coming to terms with it, however painful. Grief, in all its forms, is necessary in order to keep on going but it is subjective; what’s right for one is most certainly not the case for another. Going back is worse than torture and I know this all too well. It’s easy to forget why and the reminder of ‘why’ is often, too late. People rarely change, it’s the circumstances and situation that affect the outcome, more often than the person. I’m not making much sense. Coffee?

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  4. You show the many sides we face in the world of romance. Pleasure and pain constantly tugging at each other seeking the upper hand to win. Relationships require as much if not more effort than anything we value in life. They are worth every ounce of emotion. A beautiful piece.

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  5. Hey Lonely Author! You may not need this, since you probably have a gazillion fans and awards already, so what’s one more, right? (Just kidding). πŸ™‚ I hope you will like that I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Your words do inspire. If you want to read about the rules, nominations, etc, you can find it in my latest post, here:

    Take care now, little chimp, do not eat too many bananas, so you get a tummy ache! :)) /SurvivedNarc

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    • Hey, thanks for the nomination. I appreciate the gesture. Perhaps you didn’t notice the little monkey icon on my home page that indicates this is an award free blog. Between my blog, editing my novels, marketing my work to literary agents, and some health issues in my family, I don’t have the time to participate in the giving or receiving of awards. Thank you for thinking of me. I hope this doesn’t offend you in any way. Thanks. Have agreat day.

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  6. Wow, so incredibly sad and yet beautifully written! Unfortunately it takes heartbreak and loneliness to find true love. Only when we experience being alone, and learn to love ourselves, will we understand true love when it comes to us. ~Christa G.

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