Watch Me Bleed


My love, I know you have been hurt before. My heart would never do that to you. My only desire is to protect you. I will dedicate myself to mending every scar you possess. With my love, understanding, and tenderness I will erase every memory that haunts your soul.

Forget about the lovers that you had. If they truly loved you they would still be here. Let us live in the here and now. Let me show you how it feels to be the only woman in the world. Let me show you how love is supposed to feel.

Do I really love you
Cut yourself
Watch me bleed


185 thoughts on “Watch Me Bleed

    • An inspiring night. Ah, French, the orginal language of romance. All I remember from high school French is “le chat est sur la table.” Never forgot that line. So, when I go to France and when a cat jumps on the table, I AM READY. Thanks for the compliment.

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  1. Awww. So is this how it’s going to be until Valentine’s Day? It’s still almost a month away, but oh my, look at this beautiful piece. Working up to a climax, are we? πŸ™‚ Love it, Andrew.

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  2. Sweet Jesus. Little is more and in this case, it has Universal proportions of such magnitude that you need to be aware that you are bloody awesome. LOVED it with a passion.

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    Right now, I am backed up on comments, I will be getting to them throughout the day. Tomorrow, I should be back to my normal posting and following of your blogs. Thank you for your patience and support. Have a great day.


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