Through My Eyes

girl in mirror

Through My Eyes

When I tell you that you’re beautiful
you don’t believe a word I say
when I tell you you’re amazing
you smile and walk away
you focus on a new wrinkle
complain about an extra pound or two
yet my opinion never matters
you swear I have no clue

You distort the vision before you
haven’t the faintest reason why
but you always fail to acknowledge
that mirrors never lie
perhaps I could help you love yourself
help you spread your wings and fly
if only you could admire your reflection
through my eyes


127 thoughts on “Through My Eyes

    • Thank you so much for contributing your kind words to this post. At times a lady fails to recognize her beauty, meanwhile their partners can see all the magic & wonders in their spouse. Thank you for your kind comments. And thank you for stopping by.


  1. If only the ones we love could see themselves as we see them, how wonderful they would feel about themselves. However, when media and society has determined what ‘beautiful’ is and isn’t, it’s tough for many who want to make every blemish disappear. Great piece, Andrew!

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  2. Feeling that you are beautiful has little to do with how you really look. Some people have loads of self confidence and healthy self esteem where others have little to none. Perhaps it’s the way they were raised, either praised and encouraged or constantly criticized. Whatever the case, sometimes a beautiful person can’t see what the person who loves them does. Which is why it’s so important to keep telling them. I loved this…

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  3. All together now: awww. (See? The syndrome has hit.) But seriously, what a great (and romantic!) piece. I hope we all get to see ourselves through the eyes of others. Beauty (and flaws) and everything.

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