She loved him in loud silence
her heart cried out in quiet agony
every day that she went unnoticed
led to barren nights lost in chastity

She loved him from a distance
thought she worked by his side
they would be so perfect together
her insecurities dared not confide

She vowed to love him for eternity
her life lacked rhythm or rhyme
she would adore him in loud silence
With a heartfelt pantomime

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115 thoughts on “Pantomime

  1. Great title for this wonderful piece, Andrew, which details the inability to say what is in the heart. The speaker shows much empathy for the subject and her dilemma. The pantomime – the quiet sufferer. Awesome, my friend!

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  2. Oh, unrequited love! It’s very sad, but it happens sometimes. When I was younger, I certainly had the experience more than once of having a crush on someone who looked straight through me like a window.

    I don’t think any woman has ever felt that way about me, but I’m not sure. It would be so much easier if they gave a few subtle hints, such as painting their faces like the young woman in the picture.

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  3. You have very woven the words with great skill. The striking contrast between loud silence and quiet agony is crafted with such magic that my senses are a little overwhelmed.

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  4. Such sadness in a love not recognized or acknowledge or expressed. I’ve hidden such feelings before … and rode them out until another desire burned me more. 😉

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