Loving whispered in my ear
passions making me so weak
kisses igniting my lonely heart
gentle fingers grazed my cheek

Sweaty bodies entwined as one
no I never wanted to let you go
gentle fingers caressed my soul
need you more than you can know

My body groans as I see your face
I knew it was too good to be true
yes tonight I made love to another
another night pretending it was you



86 thoughts on “You

    • Thank you so much Meg. You are so sweet. I want to write about the different kinds of love and hurdles lovers face. This is one tragic mistake some people do make. I don’t believe in the old “be with the one you love or love the one your with.” Loving one person, but being with aother never works. Thanks

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  1. DAMN!! This one took my breath. LOVED the surprise ending. I agree with everyone that this is an almost impossible thing to live with, but a lot of people live this way every day. Incredibly steamy way to start my day. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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  2. Ah, unrequited love. Something I know a thing or two about… You are killing me with these, you know. I think you might like my post from yesterday, Unsent love letters-Darling. I think it’s up your alley if you have a chance to read it.

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  3. This is a situation that will likely end, however, are we certain she isn’t fantasizing the same type of thoughts about another man? This might just be a necessary moment of passion for the two of them even though each may be with another person. Filling emotional voids through consensual acts of passion might not end as badly as one might think.
    Your poems always force my mind to reach places it would never think to go on its own. You inspire creativity I never knew I had. Thank you for all your effort.

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  4. do ur love is only for time pass or forever?physical love is trmporary n spiritual love is forevet like ur hollwood’s movie”the note book”.do u love with siprit from any girl in ur life whom u rememberd every moments.i think dt one loves only first sight’s love forever either he could get her or not n rememberd his beloved whole life.ur pic does not show d feelings of love bt lust.if u mind plz sorry.

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