You’re Beautiful (A Short Story of Love)

He dropped to one knee to slip off her sandals and smiled.

She surprised him with new beige sandals by Michael Kors. The French manicured toe nails informed him she had a fresh pedicure as well.

All just for him. He made a mental note to drop two hundred on her dresser.

Unhooking the straps of her sandals, he gave her delicate feet a loving squeeze as he slipped them off.

He set the shower to her favorite temperature. As the warm water soaked their bodies, he reached for her shampoo. His strong fingers washed her silky hair. Her work day stress flowed down the drain with the white suds.

Minutes later, she slipped into a comfy white gown and pouted, “I have to cook.”

He took her hand, kissed it, and led her to their bed. “Beautiful, take a nap. I will cook tonight.”

His finger on her lips prevented her from protesting.

She gave him a little peck before he journeyed to the kitchen.

He reached into his pocket for her cell phone which he snatched while she wasn’t looking. He pressed the screen to activate it. Unfamiliar with her new iphone; he shut it off.

No one would disturb her rest.

He returned to the room, wanting so badly to stroke her soft cheek. He needed to kiss her full lips. Sigh.

Sleep was her sanctuary and he was born to protect her serenity.

He leaned against the wall to enjoy his favorite pastime – observing her as she napped in a cloud of fresh white sheets.

Slipping head phones into his ears. He searched for one of his favorite songs. The same song he always played while she slept.

The instrumentals began.

As she slept, he found bliss in her peace.

The music and lyrics flowed directly to his heart.

“My life is brilliant. My love is pure.
I saw an angel. Of that I am sure.”

Yes, he saw an angel.

She gave so openly. Never expecting anything in return. She fulfilled his needs. Including sharing her family with him.

After so many years alone, she helped him feel “family,” again.

His one regret? One lifetime isn’t enough time to shower her with the love, affection, and gratitude she deserved.

But damn, he will try.

Still leaning against the wall, he sank until his jeans touched the floor. Alone in his familiar corner, he glanced at his watch. She will sleep for an hour or two.

It didn’t matter.

He will wait.

She was worth it.

“You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
You’re beautiful, it’s true.”




292 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful (A Short Story of Love)

          • Thank you and I’m so sorry that’s happening. 😕 My son’s laptop isn’t booting up correctly, my Chromebook is giving me fits and this iPad is suspect.
            I’ve mentioned it a little bit on here, I just don’t want to be a bore or crybaby about it, but I’ve been hacked by someone I know and I’m still trying to sort it out.
            Sometimes I wish there were no internet.
            Having my privacy stolen is such a rape of trust and being stalked like this is the worse kind of betrayal.
            It’s beyond irritating, frustrating, distracting, time-consuming and disconcerting.
            The only silver lining is that I’m learning about the technology I use everyday and hopefully will be able to protect my children better in the future.
            I’m most upset about them being affected by this insanity.

            Once again, my apologies. I do always appreciate and enjoy your comments. You are always a smile-bringer, my friend 🍃🌺

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            • Oh, that is okay. I don’t want you to think for a moment I am not following you. You are a treasure and one of my favorite writers. You really are. Sorry about all the privacy stuff. That is horrible. I don’t understand people. Don’t let anyone get you down. And make sure you protect your children as best you can. They are innocent. You are a positive and inspiring person. Don’t want to see anyone ruin that. So good to hear from you.

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  1. A-ha! You started with the feet! Wise 😀 But seriously, what wonderful words, that portray a sweet story of pleasant pampering, to read after a long day traipsing on high heels. Lucky woman 😀

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  2. Oh my…. how lovely. Just beautiful. It’s amazing how the right song can take us where we need to go inside our heads. I often have a specific song on repeat when I write, varying, of course, depending on the mood of the story. And sometimes it’s the song that inspires the story in the first place.

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  3. Andrew…..? Why were you giving her money? That line had my feminist antennae twitching. I feel bad singling that out but I thought you’d like the feedback. I’m sure you meant that you were treating her so she could buy something special, but I don’t know, *sigh* it didn’t sit right with me. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful piece! Any woman would love to be pampered and treasured like that! Having your man wash your hair – swoon! And fix dinner? – double swoon!

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    • Smiling. Funny question. I have had relationships where the lady wants to keep our monies separately. And with other ladies all funds were shared. I got into the habit of reimbursing ladies when they purchased things that I viewed as purchased for me. Shoes, nail polish, lingerie. Didn’t want to offend anyone with this. I just feel the money would give her the opporunity to shop more. Perhaps encourage her to give me more “loving suprises.” Yes, this chimp can do a little dabbling in the kitchen. And I am fully aware when I wash the dishes that means cleaning the stove & counter. From female responses to some of my posts, I have come to realize I have done a terribler job of marketing myself when I was single. When you consider these things and that I have no family, so holidays are always “with hers” I think I have a lot to offer. LOL Hmmm I may relegated to the couch after this comment. LOL Oh, this chimp can’t stop laughing. Sorry, if I offended you. THanks for reading. Reading your short works encouraged me.

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      • LOL I haven’t had the opportunity to be with independent women in my life. I had early relationships with women with serious trust issues. They wanted separate funds. I think that is a terrible way to have a relationship, but I dealt with it in that way. Smiling. It would offend you? A man giving you money to encourage you to shop more (and possibly buy things he may want to see you in?)

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        • Actually, no. I would not offend me. My husband used to do the same thing. In fact he would persist ‘This is for you to treat yourself, not for the children.” lol But, in your story, after I read… it kinda shifted my attention to a curious mode. “Is she a…?” If you know what I mean. But, as I continued to read, I fully understood the concept. Very lovey gesture.

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          • Someoe suggested that as well. Not at all. She is a normal working girl. lol The hero wouldn’t be so devoted to a rented girl. No, his passion was for someone who gave unselfishly to him. She gacve him family. I appreciate your questions & comments You have me smiling from ear to ear..

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  4. What a beautiful read this morning. The joy of finding peace in watching a loved one sleep. So attentive to her needs.

    You should continue with this short story as I would like to see where it goes. Wonderful writing. Smiles.

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  5. Here’s my question: Are you really this good, or do you just write about being a Master of Seduction? I have known men who would watch for hours, and I have known those who would say all the right things and then leave you feeling forgotten. I know which I think it is. I know which I hope it is. And I know which I fantasize it is. XOXO 🙂

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  6. Sweet story, and well executed.
    I didn’t notice the repeated word until another commenter pointed it out.
    It’s hard to edit our own stuff–we see what we think we’ll see. A long time ago, I read an article that said to read your work aloud to better catch mistakes. It works for me (to some degree) but a fellow blogger told me about something that works even better. It’s an app called “Voice Dream”. Via Dropbox, I can transfer a Word file to Voice Dream, and it will read it aloud, like an audio book. When I first used it, I caught errors I had overlooked time and again, including stuff Grammarly had missed. (You can also load regular books to the app.) Voice Dream uses computer-generated voices, but they are pretty damn good. I don’t use it for short pieces–too much trouble–but do on longer ones. You may wish to purchase it. I have an iPhone and iPad, and got it from the App Store. I consider it the best money l have invested in my writing.
    Once again, you did a good job on this story, Andrew. Keep it up. 🙂

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    • Thank you. I was writing and editing in the middle of the night. My way of combatting pain and insomnia. Never should have posted something that wasn’t edited with my eyes fully awake. I always read aloud, but it was the m,iddle of the night, I wanted to respect my wife’s sleep. This is only for iphones? I am an android boy.

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      • I think you can get the app for every operating system, but not positive. It sure saves wear and tear on the vocal cords.
        As for your editing, I don’t know how many times I have posted, and days later, found a mistake. Mortifying, to say the least. Thank goodness one can update. And I’m sure there are posts of mine that have mistakes I have never caught. (I try not to think about that. lol)
        One thing that’s really irritating on WordPress is the inability of one to correct comments one has made commenting on other blogs. (If there is a way, I haven’t found it.) But one can correct typos and such commentators make on one’s blog. If I spot a mistake in a comment, I fix it. I wish others would do that for me. Countless times, I’ve commented, seen my mess-up later, and wanted crawl under a table in shame. 😦
        Don’t sweat the small stuff, Andrew. I think we as a community are understanding and forgiving.
        And btw, if at all possible, when I spot a mistake in a post, I email the author directly instead of posting a comment on it. But if the blogger doesn’t list an email address, I can’t. I have an email address specifically created for my blog.

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    • He was checking her phone merely to silence it but, he is unfamiliar with her iphone (which I am), so he shut it off. As for the money, I’ve done that to encourage more gestures and surprises. I have been with women who want to keep our money separate.
      I don’t think a relationship should work that way. If we have to keep separate accounts, then we really aren’t together. So, that is where that gesture comes from. Thanks for reading.

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  7. He made a mental note to drop two hundred on her dresser? Is this about a prostitute? I really thought that was where you were heading….like some weird twist at the end about some kinky prostitute who agreed to do obscene things with her feet and which this poor twisted dude mistook for love.

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  8. I defy anyone to read this without a gentle smile appearing on their face over and over again as the words reach their mark deep inside our souls. This was just remarkable. You should be very proud of this piece.

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