Lonely Author Talks Soul To Sole

I have dated or had relationships with woman of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I have loved them young, old, thin, and chunky.

For me the important thing is the connection. A sense of humor. Great conversation. Heart pounding sex. And pretty feet.

I would like to thank missameliaandsir. She posted a small story about feet for me to enjoy. Some of the subject matter on her blog is adult content (so if that is not your thing, don’t visit). Here is the link to the cute tale I mentioned. It is a harmless but well written read.   https://missameliaandsir.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/washing-away-the-week/

I am honored by anyone who would write anything for me. Thanks to her. I am humbled by her gesture.

This is the conversation I have had with every woman I was ready to get serious with.

Hey Beautiful, can we talk about something important to me? You’re really sweet and I really want things to go well between us. Can I ask you a question? Are you the jealous type? (I smile as she lies). I ask because I really want to love you from head to toe. (Smooth transition, huh?) I need a woman who will accept the fact that I will love her feet. (Here she looks at me with that WTF look in her eyes). I want to be sure you won’t get jealous over the attention they will receive. I NEED to be the person who takes off your shoes at the end of the day. I want to massage your feet. And kiss them too. When we watch tv, your feet will be in my lap. You will need to let me buy you plenty of shoes. I will pay for all your pedicures. Your feet need to be pampered. If you can accept that, I will be totally devoted to you and only you. As far as I am concerned you will be the only woman in the universe. And I will cherish you with a passion and dedication like you have never known.

Not bragging. If you know me, you know I am a humble chimp. To this day, every time I have had this conversation, no one has ever walked away.

Curious about Devil Girl’s reaction? We were in a restaurant. She didn’t say a word, but seconds after I spoke her foot reached across the table into my crotch.

Let’s talk soul to sole.

Tell me your thoughts.



166 thoughts on “Lonely Author Talks Soul To Sole

  1. haha, sweet! Soul to sole! I have to admit: there is nothing quite like seeing the look of pleasure on a woman’s face as you take care of her feet(unless it’s a wince because she’s hyper-sensitive and ticklish) 🙂

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    • Hey, when we write we bare our souls on the pages. It wasn’t an easy decision, I actually stared at the Publish button for several minutes. Finally, took a deep breath and found the courage. Thank you so much for reading it. Any thoughts on the content? Do you connect with ladies in any special way?

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      • Where I Live anything out of the ordinary be it lifestyle choices belief systems or orientation is more or less tabboo… Therefore people tend not to express themselves as openly when it comes to matters such as this… And a huge part of us stays locked away for life. As for the content.. The way you confided in devil girl probably made the difference .. There’s a saying.. ‘It’s not the information that matters but the way it is presented’.. That said, I enjoy making people laugh when possible, that’s my way of connecting… Don’t have a special someone … They either end up going abroad or falling for one of my friends … Lol

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  2. First, if I tell you I’m not jealous, it’s not a lie. I decided very early that if I have to be jealous, I don’t trust you and I don’t need to be with you.
    Now, if you want to pay for my pedicures and rub my feet, they are yours for the taking. I’ll make sure to wear my silk stockings just for you. 💋

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  3. You did say soul to sole, right? So. I LOVE foot massage. If I only had 15 minutes noon break on a tiring day at work, and had to choose between chowing down pre-made sandwich and a quick foot massage, I’d choose the latter. Hands down. I mean, feet down. 😀

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  4. I have always had this hang up (some call it that) of keeping the nails on my hands and feet neat, clean, and polished–usually red. Some women wondered why I bothered with my feet. Well, I enjoyed wearing sandals, and I don’t know how may times when in a public bathroom, in the adjoining stall, I’d see a set of ugly, dirty feet in sandals or flip-flops, and shudder. I didn’t want MY feet to look like that. Ugg!
    It was a matter of being well-groomed. I never thought of feet as erotic until I dated a man some years ago who first noticed me (I was to learn later) because he thought I had pretty feet. He loved feet! He even sent me a link to a website that had steamy stories involving feet. He was a lovely man. I have many fond memories of him. 🙂

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    • I want to print & frame this. I think if you spoke to every woman I have ever dated they will tell you I am dedicated. I put my lady on a pedestal (easier to find their feet that way). If I shower attention on you and your feet, don’t you benefit? Thanks for understanding. So, you would have no problem with this conversation that I always have? One other thing, if I have to ever have that talk again, I will talk about my love of writing & how that needs to be respected.

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      • No problem whatsoever. Men who love feet give the best foot rubs. Ah, heavenly. 🙂
        The writing thing . . . My husband respects my need to write, and when I go into my room and shut the door, he never interrupts me unless it’s an emergency. But . . . I can’t talk to him about it. His eyes glaze over if I try. The same held true for my 1st, late husband. If I am EVER stupid enough to marry again, it will be to a man who shares a love of the written word . . . not necessarily one who writes; a voracious reader would do.

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        • LOL God I love your comments. Yeah, the next one will have to be a reader and lover of words. I have connected with too many women who don’t even read. Stupid idiot that I am. I do give some pretty good foot rubs. I used to put one girlfriend to sleep. Hmmm wonder if it was my conversation. lol

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  5. To pay for my pedicures, rub my tired feet and dos you say buy me shoes? You will never hear me complaining.

    In all seriousness, a man to rub and pamper my feet would be a very intimate thing.

    I hope your wife enjoys. Smiles.

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  6. I love this and would have hoped that some of my companions were so inclined. Unfortunately their focus was elsewhere and my poor tired feet were often neglected if not at the beauty parlour. At the same time I am extremely ticklish at the soles so it would have been quite funny.
    You get an extra brownie point for your great confession. I don’t find it quirky but sweet. Personally I would say it upfront though and not wait until some sentiments have started building up on both sides. I have a thing for elbows personally. I like playing with the skin on the elbows but I don’t make a big issue of it or ask permission or anything of the sort, I just go for the elbows directly when cuddling 😀
    Good that you just write without censorship. I have quite censorship since 2010 in my writing. Socially, some stays of course – thankfully for others really 😀 😀

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  7. Your wife is very lucky, as were the other ladies previous to her. I don’t think you are very weird at all.
    I recently got a proposition from a guy that he would pay me $20 to lick my feet for 5 minutes. Now that’s a little off putting…

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  8. I wear a size 8 1/2 D width. I’m partial to New Balance but have (on daring occasions) known to be caught in Nike’s. Dinner would be nice, but the odds are my legs are too short to reach your crotch. This fact might benefit both of us.

    Loved your willingness to put honesty out on the web. It doesn’t hurt anyone and just might make you stand out among women and gain greater respect among men. Good for you!

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    • Oh my God. You have me in tears Doc. You don’t ned to read my craziness. Thanks for your support. It took me more than twnety minutes to hit the publish button. As I writer I need to learn to bare my soul. So, this was an exercise in exactly that. What a good laugh.

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  9. You and Quentin Tarantino have that in common – a thing for feet. I’m of the humble personal opinion that the human foot may be the least attractive body part of all. Not to say it’s an ugly body part, just the least attractive.

    Keep up the great work.

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  10. u know d lonely auther dt in our culture,there is most important for ladies for family’s happiness n prosperiousness;she has lovely ,cute feet with pinkish toes n wellshaped nails.if u can ,plz see hindi movie”Paakiza”.here hero fell down in love with mohmmdan singer,dancer heroine who is coverd her all body with burka(islamice dress from women) n sleeping on a berth of d train.but by chance her feets r out of her dress.when u will see dt movie,it is sure,u will be impressed specialy from dt scene.
    again i want to say dt ur dis blog name is -talks soul to sole.i thought dt u r talking soul to console.way of consolation may be in any form as we like.good concept.perhaps it can be a miracle.

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  11. I have always been told I have pretty feet. My feet and toes are much like my hands….long and slender. My toenails are polished with as much care as my fingernails and they a;ways match my outfit.
    I did the “crotch’ thing one time (with Loser.) It annoyed him and he looked at me like I was some kind of slut, so I never did it again.
    I have had my feet stepped on, cut, sunburned and broken but they have never been caressed. That would be a first for me but I would never turn it down. I would also reciprocate.


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