Lonely Author’s Secret Admirer Goes Bananas


Yes, people I have to let the truth be known; because I want the world to know. I can no longer contain this secrecy. Β Lonely Author has a secret admirer.

Yes, someone has fallen for this charming Chimp and I have incriminating evidence.

Today, I have over 165 views. All from ONE dedicated follower. Yes ONE follower. In my brief blogging history, I have only made 82 posts, but my secret admirer has read each and every one of them twice today. And she has liked my 82 posts 87 times.

Is that dedicaton or what?

To my devoted ONE follower I say…I am flattered, honored, and well… surprised that anyone would go that apeshit over me.

Arrivederci, my love.





206 thoughts on “Lonely Author’s Secret Admirer Goes Bananas

  1. This happens periodically to me and it is the greatest honor. The women that I know who have done this have become some of my closest friends and sometimes more. You should be flattered

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      • Your stats don’t take into account the number of people who actually read you from the reader direct without going to your blog or opening even the reader version. They still can like the post. Typically this would happen with those writing Haiku for example. You don’t need to go to the actual website because the reader gives you the full Haiku. For those who are not in the blogworld, they come to you using your page indicator so WP stats will show you just one while loads of people from blogville could have been looking at your posts and liking them from the reader notifier. Heck some could even have read your writing from their email as they could have your blog posts delivered to them by email so they will still pass by and like your post from the reader notifier and will not figure in the viewing stats but will figure in the liking stats. Odd no?

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  2. I don’t wanna rain on your Stalker Parade or anything, but I do sometimes suspect that the WordPress statistics are not quite correct.. for instance, I reacted the other day, when I had several “likes” on posts from various people, yet, stats showed I’d only had one visitor that day.. so that didn’t really seem correct. I also got the thing the other day with like 63 views but only one “visitor” in stats.. anyway, either the stats are wrong, or I have a stalker too.. πŸ˜‚

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  3. Hey! Exactly the same happened to me today. You think it’s the same person? :)) I thought it was Santa Claus, because I’ve had views from over 20 countries and only he can fly so fast from one place to another :))

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  4. So even if you’ve established that it was a WP glitch, wasn’t it a great feeling to have, the rush in your veins, even just for a few moments, to know that you have a very dedicated, staunch admirer? Forget the fact that the discussion here evolved to that person being a stalker πŸ˜€

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  6. This is too funny!! I noticed some of your commenters suggested your secret admirer could perhaps be male which got me to thinking. This happened to me back in December and at first I was all excited having seen a spike in my numbers but then I got irritated that it was one individual.

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