Lonely Author in Your Spam

Started 2016 with the flu. A little disappointed because I lost my voice; so it makes it hard to talk to myself.

No Big Brother hasn’t arrived.

After spending so much time between the holidays catching up with my blog reading; friends have advised me they find my comments in their Spam folder. Is this WordPress way of saying shut up?

How insulting. Why couldn’t my comments end up in your filet mignon folder. At the very least your barbecue chicken wings folder.

But Spam???

Ugh. Β Cough.

Have a good day.




119 thoughts on “Lonely Author in Your Spam

  1. Hope you feel better soon,dear..
    And I have no clue to this spam you refer..but I think your health far more important than a hunk of it😁
    Oh yes, chicken soup and honey lemon tea..much nicer.
    Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

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      1. Haha..😁
        maybe in my veggie folder..
        where that may be..
        I haven’t a clue eIther.

        Thank you,dear!πŸŽ‰
        Happy 2016!πŸŽ†

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      1. Welcome. Imagine anyone wanting to actually spam you. I always found that those who would spam anyone actually reaching out to them to be cold insensitive people who are better left on their own without active interaction. Thank goodness with your friends it was not the case πŸ˜€

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  2. Ah yes, we’ve all ended up in the spam folder from time to time. Never a pleasant situation. A bit greasy and sticky in there. The only thing we can do is hope for rescue.

    Happy New Year to you! But sorry to hear you’re sick. 😦

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  3. SPAM is a big seller in Hawaii. Costco sells pallets of it weekly.
    Regarding your readers finding your email in their spam folder they may need to “retrain” their in box to recognize your mail as not being spam. This sometimes happens with an update to their email software (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.).

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  4. A fair complaint. I wonder if the hoarseness of the returning voice hasn’t let WP assume a taste in food to match the voice. Once the dulcet tones are fully restored no doubt your rightful place will return also.

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  5. WordPress do that all the time when some of my friends blogs have their domain registered minus .wordpress.com such as acenewsservices.com l own but have it connected to redirect from acenewsservices.wordpress.com it’s simply to change in dashboard under domains – need help let me know Andrew regards Ian

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  6. Found you in my spam only once. I thought it was a bit presumptuous of my computer to determine for me whether your post of the day was worth my reading. I was so angry I wiped out my hard drive and reinstalled every program and every kb of data. I believe I may have overreacted. My wife thought this might require professional counseling. I told her she was crazy and explained that once the unicorns disappeared I would be fine. πŸ˜€
    Absolutely loved the concept of this posting. I find real life humor some of the funniest and most clever. This was VERY clever!

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  7. Oh thanks for reminding me. Yes, they did end up there 😦 But spam is yummy. My sister used to have a shirt with huge spam word on it. Right onto where her boobies rise. Gosh, she’d always get into fights with huge black men and homeless!

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