Devil Girl Diaries – 8 (Home)


Every man has that one unforgettable woman that will haunt him until his final day; the girl that got away. Allie detested television, vanilla ice cream, and missionary. She explored the depths of her sexuality; while I discovered the heights of my pain. My muse had a nickname. I called her Devil Girl. I write these words to ease my sorrows. My name is Andrew.This is our story.

slumped in the back of the cab

feeling like a corpse

I eyed the crowds and lights

of a crowded city full of life

exhausted by my search for Allie

 the wild sexual scenarios

that tortured my vivid imagination 

 I resigned myself to the worse

minutes later I entered my apartment

flicked on the lights

there she was naked on my couch

her legs formed an erotic V

she opened her arms to invite me in

I ran to her angry relieved

curious to know

buried my head in her warm full breasts

her heart whispered to me

I want to believe her words

I needed to know she was only mine

she pushed my head

down past her flat belly

I shut my eyes

I can’t share you Devil Girl

See you next week


61 thoughts on “Devil Girl Diaries – 8 (Home)

  1. The halt in time and the paralysis when he found her after having looked for her everywhere and finally having turned back towards home miserable as hell. To find her waiting on the couch in the way that she did… He has lived!

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  2. Your ongoing tale is drawing quite the response. You should be very proud of your ability to draw the same (and new) readers back each week for updates on this adventure. It grabs the attention with a grip so strong the eyes are incapable of turning away. The heart begins to race as the brain searches for answers to this unfolding tale. The reader beckons, “I WANT MORE!” 😉

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  3. I always wanted to hear it… I cant share you… I think every woman wants. Imagining beautiful woman with full breasts inviting so devilishly delicious… mmm so deliciously devilish scenario makes my delicious mind go wild… yummy and beautiful. 😊🌹

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