Christmas Tears

Christmas Tears

Little Emily won’t be celebrating Christmas
There won’t be lights flashing on her tree
No reason to hang ornaments or mistletoe
No desire to find presents wanting to be free
Santa won’t be climbing down her chimney
No reason for holiday cards or festive cheer
Mommy is protecting kids from other nations
Tonight Emily will be shedding Christmas tears

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Inspired be my favorite Christmas songs “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

My deepest thanks and heart felt wishes go out to all the men and women who won’t be home for Christmas.

Happy Holidays

Be safe.


150 thoughts on “Christmas Tears

  1. Too many children pay too heavy a price while their parents defend the various countries in the world. This poem places this sentiment in a beautiful perspective. It actually choked me up. Time to read it, AGAIN!

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  2. This is so heartbreaking and people need to be more appreciative of the sacrifices that these men and women are making. Just beautiful. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you my new friend👌🏼 Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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  3. Beautiful. There are places that will say “Thank You” to the troops — but sometimes I doubt their sincerity. There is no doubt here. You hit my heart with this one (in a good way). Outstanding write. Thank you for sharing it.

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    • Your welcome. Aw, thank you for saying that. I dream of the day we don’t need troops in foreign lands. Thanks for stopping by to contribute to this post. I really appreciate it. I wish you and yours a festive holiday and happy and healthy 2016.


  4. This. This brought a lump to my throat. It is easy to be caught in my own drama, but then to think of those sacrificing on my behalf…and the people who love them and hurt because they are far away… Thank you for bringing it into perspective. Blessings to you for a sweet Christmas time, and a joyful 2016.

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  5. This is beautiful, I never thought of those soldiers, we hardly think about them and overlook the fact that there will be some children who would not be having their mom or dad with them on christmas eve. Thank you for sharing, tbh makes me feel blessed even more like I always say enjoy the littlest we are blessed with before we lose it. Every year when I would be at hostel at festivals, my mom would shed same tears and call me many times a day just to make me feel better and not miss home. oh, thanks again.


  6. A heartfelt tribute to all those who serve, forsaking their own families, their own children, to hold the lines, even offering themselves as final barricade, to protect those of us who stay home with our children. You’ve said what I feel. Thank you.

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    • Sharon, did you notice the person deployed in the poem was a Mother. I wanted it to have a modern feel. So, happy you are home this year. I want our brave men & ladies to know they are not forgotten. Thanks for stopping by to contribute your thoughts, And more importantly, thank you for your sacrifices. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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  8. My brother is in the army, but luckily this year he is home.. I do know and understand these feelings all too well! May God’s hand be over all of them!!
    What a sweet post!!

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