Moonlight Through My Window


Moonlight Through My Window

Moonlight slipped through my window

highlighting her every flaw

illuminating white streaks in her mane

the stretch marks that she wore

creases formed on the edges of her eyes

youthful features now appearing dull

moonlight displayed her every flaw

she never appeared more beautiful



185 thoughts on “Moonlight Through My Window

  1. Brilliant. You make the reader question the character’s depth of character by creating an apparent superficial, egotistical, shallow and destructive description of how he views his long time significant other and in a final crescendo reveal a kindness, warmth and love we all seek. This final view is a life long journey worth living.
    You nailed this one!

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  2. yuoth is a type of childhood.n age after of yuoth realy youth.abhi to me jawaan hu……….
    dis ghazal(song in urdu-hindi) is written by hasarut jaalandhari n sung by malika pukharaaj.if u have any indian friend thers plz ask him about dis forever young philoshophical song or search on net of indian classic song n enjoy.plz reply me dt u have got malika pulharaaj dt ur question or doubtness will be solve.after partition Pukhraaj had gone pakistaan bt her songs r most populer in india n also pakistaan.plz try search her on net or…….abhi to mein jawaan hu……..

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    • Thank you so much for the reblog. I appreciate the gesture. Thanks for the compliment as well. After a woman dedicates and invests her life in a man, the least he could do is admire her in her golden years as he did in her youth. Thank you.


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